What to do after being turned down?

We met over a year ago and began building a strong friendship in the new year and went out a few times to a variety of places. The relationship kicked up a notch when kissing became a new form of greeting, passing the time and departing. We agreed in June to just not put the spotlight on the two of us and really enter into a real relationship due to us both being away for the majority of the summer months. I tried starting things up again in September but proved really hard, finding each other unavailable for both September and October, until finally we agreed t talk and met up. I asked her out, but she said she's not really sure if going out would be a good idea, answering no, but said she would think about it. I'm wondering what that means, the whole "I'll think about it."

After that I just started babbling on about nothing and made a fool of myself. We didn't really talk about anything after that about what would happen next, but I really liker her and want to see the two of us together, so how can I slowly show her that it would be a good idea, that I'm the same person from before? I suppose I'm asking how can I get her back? What can I do??

I feel absolutely at a loss of what to do without her and always feel uncomfortable and cant get her out of my thoughts. What can i do to get her back??


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    try again

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