Why did the Western Nation and the United Nations support the idea of Jewish homeland?

I know that they wanted them to be an independent state but I don't know what other reasons why?

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  • Brian
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    7 years ago
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    Without looking into the actual facts, I believe it was mainly due to the UN and other Allied powers of WWII wanting to have a land for the Jewish people considering the atrocities committed on them during WWII. The Israeli area is a historic area for the Jewish people (I'm not very confident on it but I don't believe it was there "original" homeland though perhaps it is where they settled after they left Egypt and is indeed what they consider to be their homeland), but Israel is also an important location for Christians and Muslims too. This is where a lot of the tension comes from since the indigenous peoples of the area (such as the Gaza strip) were basically told, "All us huge powers have determined that the Jewish people should have an area for themselves and we decided on this location. Of course this displaced the indigenous people who had been living there for hundreds of years and fueled anti-semitism. This is where terrorist groups like Hezbollah come in - they don't like Jews and they don't like Jews taking their land (this is how I understand it without looking into their actual objectives).

    That's my take on it. Hope I could help you. :)

    Kyle has an interesting take on a reasoning to relocate the Jews to get them out of their countries (although as far as I know no one was forcing Jews to leave their countries and go to Israel, not surprised if there were small incentives to leave though). It does make sense though considering how since the Judaism first came out they've always got the short end of the stick. To stretch it even further with Kyle's reasoning we could even think that was a motive for the US, which would be pretty messed up with us wanting to get rid of American Jews but welcoming the inventor of the V-2 rocket who later led the NASA space program (although it does not seem like Wernher von Braun had much interest if any in Nazi political views)!

  • Kyle S
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    7 years ago

    Contrary to the popular narrative, neither Eugenics nor anti Semitism were just supported in Germany around the turn of the 20th century. Both found a great deal of supporters throughout Western Europe, North America and Asia. People strongly believed that whites were an inherently superior race, and had an understanding of genetics and Social-Darwinist theories to support their bigotry.

    Believers in these two subjects really lost their nerve after the Holocaust, however, as they were forced to come to terms with what the extreme logical conclusion of their beliefs looked like, and both topics quickly lost support and became seen as archaic.

    That being said, it ultimately makes no difference what motivated the Western countries to support the (not necessarily forced) expulsion of all Jews from their countries, but I very much suspect that most governments saw it as a win-win.

    They got to be seen by the world as benevolent humanitarians who just wanted to help the poor victims of a horrific crime by supporting their building of a sovereign nation, and at the same time they would be able to achieve what most countries have tried to do for hundreds of years: get rid of all the Jews in their country. But even better, is that they could do it without having it look like they were persecuting the Jews.

  • 7 years ago

    Jew in France, UK, Canada and USA told to the politic leader that they will massively vote for them on next election and support them with their money.

    It's all about money and win next election.

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