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I want to start a security company business(small one) how will I do it?

Hello, I'm currently a security guard and I wanted to start my own business. The problem I'm having is figuring out how paying the employees would work like taxes on pay cheques and stuff so the accounting part. And what are the main aspects that need to be put together to make this happen. Is there anyone I could call?, or if any of you are experienced in business could you help me out on the steps I need to carry out to make this happen?.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You would need to incorporate and obtain insurance. I imagine the liability in providing security and putting employees in such circumstances are both very high.

    With regard to Payroll, you can outsource that to a company like ADP. You supply them with each employees SS#, W-2, and hours worked and they handle your portion of Worker's Comp, SS, Medicare, Federal and State taxes as well as sending you the payroll checks and direct deposit receipts.

    Starting a security company with staff is a big undertaking with no previous business experience. Good luck!

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