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Is Royal Canin dry cat food good?

I've trying to find good dry cat food and I'm trying out the Riyal Canine digestive comfort food because it says his stools should be smaller and smell better. Is that good for him?

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    Yes, the Royal Canin digestive comfort is a great food, and will help improve your cat's stool quality.

    All of my animals eat Royal Canin, and it is one of my first recommendations for my patients. They are an exceptional company. They research to determine the best nutrition to keep pets healthy, and they have quality control and safety standards that exceed the requirements of the pet food industry (as well as the human food industry) by a lot. And their food is 100% guaranteed.

    When my clients ask me how to know if their pet's food is good, my first recommendation is to find a good company. You won't figure that out by asking people on the internet... your first step needs to be to contact the company. It takes five minutes to send off an email. I recommend asking these questions:

    1. Do you have a Veterinary Nutritionist or some equivalent on staff in your company? Are they available for consultation or questions?

    2. Who formulates your diets and what are their credentials?

    3. Which of your diet(s) is AAFCO Feed Trial tested? Which of your diets meet AAFCO Nutritional requirements?

    4. What Testing do you do beyond AAFCO trials?

    5. What specific quality control measures do you use to assure the consistency and quality of your product line? What safety measures do you use?

    6. Where are your diets produced and manufactured? Can this plant be visited?

    7. Can you provide a complete product nutrient analysis of your bestselling canine and feline pet food including digestibility values?

    8. Can you give me the caloric value per can or cup of your diets?

    I've sent these questions to over 20 different pet food companies, and the answers (and non-answers) I've received have really opened my eyes to how many "popular" companies are nothing but good advertising and crummy food.

    Source(s): I am a veterinarian. My dogs and cats eat Royal Canin.
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    5 years ago

    There are better foods, just make sure you do a slow transition over about a week or so. Royal Canin has so many formulas that it's hard to evaluate yours but most have corn and some even have wheat. Ingredients to avoid include corn, wheat, and by products. Some good foods to consider are below - Wellness Innova/EVO Taste of the Wild* Blue Buffalo/Wilderness Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul* Natural Balance California Natural Felidae* Orijen *cheaper ones

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    Read the ingredients on the label. They are listed in order of what's in the product most down to least (last item). If the first four include water, any grains, or by-products then no the food is not good. Royal Canin is a good brand. My cats eat two Rx from my vets office by RC. Call your vet and ask about the food.

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    7 years ago

    It's not a very good food. Most formulas contain corn and corn gluten, which are cheap fillers that are hard to digest and aren't needed in a cat's diet. They do usually have a real meat as the first ingredient, which still makes RC better than almost all of the food you can buy at the grocery store.

    I would choose something with real meat as the number 1 ingredient, and make sure the food is not stuffed to the gill with grains. I won't buy anything with "corn" anywhere on the label. Plus, RC costs way too much for the ingredients present in it. You can get more good nutrient dense foods for the same price, plus your cat will eat and poop less because he is getting more nutrients and isn't eating tons of fillers his body can't use.

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