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Who is favored now to win the world series in 2014? Why?

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    It's really impossible to pick any team at this point because we never know about the variables that take place during the season. If every teams roster stays healthy for the entire season, and we know that's not going to happen, I would have to pick the Dodgers in the NL and the Yankees in the AL.

    Of course I'm going to hear it because I picked the Yankees but my thinking is this. Their DL situation last season was one of incredible bad luck. Still, they we in the hunt right up until the last week of the season. Pitching is a concern but I'm confident that Brian Cashman will work the deals necessary to put the Yankees right back in the playoff picture. I look for Baltimore to be the biggest challenge to the Yankees in AL East. The Rays are a big question mark as Price may or may not be back.

    The Dodgers have the pitching. I'm sure the experience of 2013 will go a long way in preparing them for 2014. They should win the division with no problem has I don't see much coming from the Giants, D-Rays or the rest of the NL West. The Reds and Cardinals will make the playoffs but the NL Pennant will have to go through LA.

    As to who wins the 2014 world series, I'll have to go with the Dodgers over my Yankees. The Dodger pitching will be the difference.

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    According to Vegas the Dodgers are favored 7-1 or something like, I don't really know why they are favored. Possibly Vegas thinks they can make good money if fans put money down on the Dodgers. I certainly hope not. I believe the AL will take the World Series in 2014. There are so many things that could take place. Players are going to be traded, free agents signed, etc. There is no way to know who is going to win it and I for one do not believe in using divination to find out. A lot of times that's incorrect as well.

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    Dodgers are my favorite in the NL to win world series because of their ridiculous spending power and the potential to heavily bid on free agent Masahiro Tanaka, and rumors about acquiring David Price. If they can set up a package to get him, you'll have a rotation of Kershaw, Price, Greinke, Ryu, Tanaka. That is just unfair.

    I could see the Braves, Pirates, Reds, Nationals and Cardinals being a roadblock. In the AL, I think it will be between the Red Sox, A's, Rangers, Tigers, wild cards are Rays, Orioles, Angels, Indians.

    The darkhorse teams: These teams all have the potential to surpise people

    Kansas City Royals (This team of promising young players is not far off)

    Chicago White Sox (This team can either make it or break it)

    Toronto Blue Jays (Can't put this team out of the race, they have the talent to contend)

    Arizona Diamondbacks (Same as Toronto)

    Miami Marlins (they have a very interesting starting rotation, offense lags behind however)

    The tanking teams: I think these teams will tank hard this year

    Houston Astros

    Milwaukee Brewers

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    The Dodgers probably. They'll have a rotation of Kershaw, Grienke, Price, Tanaka, and Ryu.

    If the Tigers keep Scherzer, I'll go with them as favorites in the AL.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Nationals vs Orioles

  • 6 years ago

    Its too early to even consider, since no FA's have been signed and rosters have not been finalized and won't be for another 5 months. But I have read that the Dodgers and the Indians are the early favorites.

  • 6 years ago

    Cincinnati Reds playing against the Seattle Mariners because I do have a great feeling they could be great teams with a bright future

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    San Francisco Giants - they are on the even year program

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    It could be the Giants again, they will be allot better next year, and still have that pitching in tact.

  • 6 years ago

    Cleveland Indians because we just got rid of chris perez so our closer won't blow so many games.

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