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Which Dungeons and Dragons game is the best?

I want to but D&D for my boyfriend, but i have no idea weather its a board game or just a book you read from. I also need to know which one i should get, neither of us have ever played it before

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    Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplaying game that is played from books and a character sheet, with dice. I prefer the Pathfinder series, but the 3.5 version is excellent as well. If there is a gaming shop in your town, you can ask someone who works there to give you a little more detail about the different versions. You don't want to go 3.0 or earlier, as 3.0 is very outdated, and the earlier versions are rather pricey (depending on condition) collector items.

    For 3.5 version, you will need: 1 set of dice each (the full set in the tubes, like 4-sided, 6-sided, etc.), the core rule book (Dungeons and Dragons Player Handbook), and the dungeonmaster guide (Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide).

    For Pathfinder, you will need: 1 set of dice each, and the core rule book (Pathfinder Core Rulebook).

    For either version, there are several other books that offer more resources for rules, classes, spells, items, etc. but you want to start small if you've not played it before. For character sheets, I usually just make my own on the computer based on the examples in the books, but you can also find them free for downloading on the internet. You can also just write it all down on a piece of paper. :)

    You can find used books on eBay or through Amazon or used book stores or sometimes gaming stores. The new books are rather spendy. The dice aren't, unless you go for the fancy stuff like different metals, etc.

    One person needs to be be the gamemaster (GM) or storyteller, who weaves the story. This person needs to know the basic rules of the game in order to guide the player(s). It is ideal to have 3-4 players, but it can be done with only 1 player, and you can have more than 4 players. But it can't be played alone, as you need the GM and a player.

    I would recommend looking for a small, friendly group of players who are looking for a couple of new players. They can really get you into the game and make it a lot more fun and a lot less confusing for noobies.

    I personally hated 4th edition D&D, as I found it to be, frankly, dumbed down and more focused on hack & slash (pure combat) rather than actually ROLE playing.

    EDIT: I don't think I explained the dice well. You buy a set, usually in a tube, that has at least one of each: 4-sided die, 6-sided die, 8-sided die, 10-sided die, percentile die, 12-sided die, and 20-sided die.

    Source(s): Been playing D&D for about 15 years.
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    DnD 3.5 is the best i've found as far as finding that balance of rp and combat, pathfinder is basically DnD 3.5 with tweaks to the classes and class abilities, old school DnD is what i first started with and by no means go there, too complicated for first-time players. And DnD 4e is just pure garbage if you have a working brain.

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    d&d 4th edition is wat i like.

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