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Has liberalism destroyed American work ethics?

I have run a janitorial service since the days of Reagan. Heck, I was a clock punching janitor in the Carter error and Reagan's first term. My first week's pay in 1979 was a mere $116 before taxes! Reagan was president when I created the foundation of what I have today and democraps now conspire to destroy.

I am severely short staffed, like never before. In 1987, I could pay someone $3.75 per hour to strip and wax vinyl floors. In those days, it was harder work. The chemicals were harsh and smelled. To put down floor finish, it was semi-skilled to get it level and swirl free. Today it is much easier to do. $3.75 per hour in 1987 would be the same as $7.73 per hour today. I pay UNSKILLED workers $7.75 per hour to mop restrooms and take out the garbage. The semi-skilled that can handle a floor buffer start at $8 and move up to $9 within a year, if I can keep them that long. That is significantly more than I paid 26 years ago. 26 years ago, if a bid was only a 20% profit margin, I probably would have passed. Today, I am THRILLED to make 20% and more likely will settle for 15%. I have work that probably totals 200 man hours that will not get done. That's $1,600 earnings for someone the next 5 weeks. Yes, for me, that is about $240 profit, that EVIL thing I am not allowed to make... But I can't find anyone with a 90 IQ willing to work for a reasonable wage. You are a JANITOR, $8-9 is reasonable. You can master this trade in 90 days of on the job training even with a 90 IQ!

Nope, they'd rather stay home and get a little FREE MONEY if they can't make $1,000 a week.

I got news for them, I own a business that has been going 26 years now. I have close to $100,000 invested in equipment. It took a LOT of work and a little luck to get where I am today.

I hardly clear $1,000 a week as the BOSS! Wasn't this bad in 2004, that was my peak year.

Every year since Obummer went in, I've given up earnings, yet the slobs that work for me get more and DEMAND even more.

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    I hear you and think it has been destroyed for many.

    Recently heard Mike Rowe - of Dirty Jobs and Ford commercials fame - tell a story. He has set up a program for scholarships to trade schools called Applicants are required to sign a sweat pledge and write an essay. He was pitching it to a high school councilor who liked the money but asked why not just give it to them?

    There are many who are motivated - many of them are home schooled. But there are also far too many being taught they are owed everything.

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