Reboot and select proper Boot device?

So I already had a question on here today (;_ylt=Ao... ) and while trying to solve it my situation went from bad to worse.

Basically it keeps asking me to select proper boot device, and it started doing that even though I have not modified anything. I have 1 SSD hard drive and thats the only thing that the computer CAN boot from, and it is telling me to insert a boot device. Today, just a couple of hours before it booted just fine from that exact hardrive.

So I've been researching this issue and people say things like "make sure the wires are connected right" and that is a legitimate solution for someone who never touched computers. I've already tried all the basic common sense solutions. The order of devices on start up cannot be altered because there is only 1 device. There are no unnecessary usbs attached. Everything is connect perfect because it was working today and a month prior to today. It just keeps telling me to get to the boot device and I can't get rid of it.

So what I've tried so far is press F8 during start up before the boot message shows up, it gives me two options. 1 choose which device to boot from (there is only 1 device so there is no point in this) and 2, enter set up (which takes me back to the bios).

Now the bios has boot options, but again only one device. There is also a CSM (compatibility support module) and in there there are options to select what boots first. The options are Legacy ROM and UEFI. This is where my own knowledge stops, I dont know what these options are.

As far as starting it in safe mode, there is no option like that in this bios, maybe its called differently, but so far all the different things i've tried led me to the same "select proper boot device"

The Bios looks like this: not the ordinary black and white bios so the options are different


oh and i dont have a windows disk yet, so I need to know if something can be done without it before I get a windwos disk.

Was running Windows 7, 256gig SSD drive, new computer.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm not sure about windows 7 because i hated vista so win7 is not something that i would use but if you can enter bios. F1 on xp i think that it is either f8 or f11 on win7. it sounds like you need to set your drive as the first boot device. if you can turn off everything else in the boot order cd/dvd usb or what ever. your drive is acting like a second or third boot device and not the first boot device. hope this helps.

  • 7 years ago

    When you get in to BIOs to look for the priority, you say that there is only one disc. That is the wrong part of it, if you have cd drive and floppy drive attached. It seems that the cables are not properly attached or is defective. If all these are ok, then the BIOs boot priority should have shown, the cd drive also. Do you mean to say that you do not have cdrom, which normally every one has.

    I think that the data cable , connecting hardware and other drives with the board should be properly checked to get rid of this problem. There is no problem otherwise. It lacks proper connection or defective cable.

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