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Would this article make any feminists here maybe question that the wage gap is due to discriminiation?

I mean, if you read the whole article .. I would say this puts forward a good case against the wage disparity being related to anything other than hours worked, careers chosen, life choices etc.

for single workers who have never married, women earned 95.8% of men’s earnings in 2012, which is a wage gap of only 4.2% - which admittedly is still a gap - but its not the 23% gap that is often claimed.


we must also remember men still do all the dangerous jobs - are still 93% of all workplace deaths ..

surely there must be some premium for men for taking those kinds of roles - 4.2% sounds about right.

Update 2:


Update 3:

well ... in marriage - if a parent going to stay home, or work less - it will generally be the mother.

this is by mutual choice. women are ofcourse free to choose men who will be househusbands and not work - but do women choose those types of men ? no.

SO.. women who marry generally work less than their husbands. no discrimination in that. a choice.

Update 4:

if women "are doing the same jobs" - how do we account for the 93% of workplace deaths being men ?

and cite a source where it shows men and women are paid differently for the exact same job, same hours worked, experience etc.

if this exists - this is likely minuscule - I cant see it having a huge effect on average earnings. it is against the law, for one thing.

we must also remember - that men go into engineering, I.T ..etc. in higher numbers than women - these are high paying fields. women are free to study them - but they do not. again, no discrimination there. choice.

Update 5:

women are free to marry who they want - and arrange their marriages and the division of work within their families as they want.

dont pretend people are forcing women to marry - and then their husbands are forcing them to stay in the kitchen or at home. this is nonsense.

if you say "men expect" this and that .. which I do not believe. if even if it were true - women are not obligated to comply. they are free not to marry that man - or divorce - or tell the guy to do chores around the house.

women are not forced to do anything in our society. this is not saudi arabia.

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    This says that marriage causes the wage gap and that is INDEED discrimination because men suffer NO loss in wages due to marriage and this article IS VERY BIAS because it says:

    "we can accurately assume that marriage is a voluntary lifestyle decision, and it’s that personal choice, not necessarily labor market discrimination, that contributes to much of the gender wage gap for married workers"

    This is saying women should not get married if they want to have equal wages - it is BLAMING the wage gap on the decision a woman wants a husband - that it illogical and unfair and is clearly discriminatory.

    Also it talks about hours worked but it does not likely include the many hours teachers spend marking and preparing - and teachers are mostly women - my guess is there is bias there too.

    EDIT - The issue is that women who are married are generally expected to do most of the work around the house and raise the children and if their husbands helped equally, they would be able to work the same amount but husbands generally do not help equally - therefore - the woman works more real hours and gets paid less - no fairness there - this is the bias of society.

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    In all my time researching, I've never found a study that realistically finds more than a couple percent pay gap. That is most likely due to personal reasons like calling out sick or taking a personal day. Those aren't always paid days.

    There are several studies showing that women right out of college are making more than men out of college for the same job.

    You simply cannot account for every minuscule individual detail for each person regarding pay. There's far too many variables to consider. But as feminists favorite whipping boy, sexism MUST be the answer. No.

    "Would this article make any feminists here maybe question that the wage gap is due to discriminiation?"

    Here? No. Though I have heard feminists concede the point elsewhere. Many are too well indoctrinated and fully delusional to believe facts make a difference.

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    I'm really tired of the wage agap argument. A lot of these wage gap arguments are missing a lot of details. Work and relationships to me are pretty much the same thing. The both take a lot of time and work and most people like to move on to a better one if they have to leave it. You don't want to go backward. You are always looking for the best you can get out of that sitaution.

    So to think we can accross the board take a survey or working and decide a group of people aren't getting fairly paid then its crazy. Specially if you throw in pregnancy, physical labor and simply just the stereotypical attitude of society. Experience? I mean It just isn't measuring up.

    And then there is ITS WORK. People evaluate you on your appeacance, attentending and attitude. What my manager like to call "the triple A".

    Oh and I will say on an entry level, a guy with no experience decent looking and a woman with no experience decent looking. Id place my money on the woman with no experience decent looking having more job offers. A lot of the jobs now that are consistent are typical male jobs like people think. Where I live hotels are hiring women constantly, the health industry too, and then you have servers and waitresses who make 20 dollars an hour busing table. And thats straight cash sometimes. Personally speaking about work, women don't have a right to complain about wages. They have way too many options for work. All they have to do is stay in decent shape.

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    That article would not convince me that the wage gap (which you so politely concede is there), is based on factors other than hours worked, or level of educational attainment.

    Studies have shown that two people with identical levels of education, identical work histories, identical everything (except their reproductive organs of course), will be paid differently. More often than not it is the female who gets short changed, all because she MAY one day have children. Men also have children. So why don't men get penalized for procreating? And the gap only widens as ones level of education rises.

    There is no valid reason to pay anyone more for the same job. The "danger-pay" argument falls flat, when you recognize that women performing those same jobs still consistently get paid less (for the exact same labour).

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