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What do I need to update to get Mavericks to work properly with an older Macbook 2009 May 13"?

Right now I get a spinning beachball and 1 minute and 30 second boot time.

Please don't tell me I have to update to an ssd and more ram. Can't it just be one of those? Or is the spinning beach ball because 2.13ghz intel duo core 2 processor is too weak for Mavericks even tho my Macbook is techinically supported by this operating system?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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    Before i installed mavericks on my 2007 20" 2 core duo iMac i had snow leopard and Lion and Mountain lion and after i installed Mavericks my OSX was at 10.9 And Safari 7.0 Installing Mountain lion and all on line up dates it will bring your OSX up to where is should be with Java and then install the mavericks and all on line Up dates , If its taking your Processor 1.5 minuets to open your Mavericks TWO Things that might be the Problem ! 1.) You do not have the java For it . 2.) You need to Up Grade your Operating system to run Mavericks on your Macbook . My iMac is only 2.4ghz i think f you Do have Mountain lion in stalled and you have no further on line up dates and you have Mavericks installed and no up dates for it Either your getting all you can get.

    Source(s): When you fire up your Macbook your Computer is coming out of Sleep or its just warming up . to set your System Preferences so your mac book will stay awake open System Preferences and open the light Bulb witch is energy saver and adjust the time you want your macBook to stay awake if you do not use it for of the other way around how long you want it to stay awake before going to sleep.
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