internal network wifi card vs usb adapter?

i have used a usb wifi adapter because it was cheaper than the internal wifi net work card. The network card is supposed to be good for online gaming, streaming.. etc and the usb wasn't. They both work fairly similiar in terms of connectivity, but, i noticed stability issues with the internal wifi card. For instance in a game, i usually don't go above 90-100 ping, unless ofc something is up with the internet or someone is downloading on the same internet. With this card, i have been having stability issues where the ping wud go up to 300-500.. and it seems like it is slower/ unstable compared to the usb adapter.. I dont get it, is there a way to make the signal more stable or stronger? I connected the wifi network card on the last pci slot if that makes a difference, because my gpu is covering the one above. Will moving the antennas upwards/sideways, re screwing the antennas make any difference?

Btw both the wifi connectors are from asus..

Usb - N13 N300

Internal one is ;

PCE-N53 N600

In the back of the boxes, N600 is supposed to be the second strongest connection for wifi.. i dont get why the usb one is more stable.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hello, i'm wondering which one would be the best between USB wifi adapter or internal card, which one should i pick? Also if you could give me some information on why cable is so much better than wifi that would be nice, some good reasons.

    Thanks for your response in advance. ^^

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