Native American benefits VS. Jewish Benefits?

I realize some people will consider this question dumb and both points totally unrelated to each other but I want to ask it nonetheless:

When Europeans came to North America circa 1500, the Native Americans suffered at the hands of Europeans in many ways. When Hitler came to power, the Jewish people (and other groups) of Europe suffered at the hands of the Nazi Party in ways just as bad, or worse.

How come 500 years after the Europeans 'settled' North America, the Native Americans still receive Government benefits (such as free college, land reserves, tax breaks, ect) but the Jewish people received no long term benefits from the German Government following World War II?

End note: I in no way am meaning for this to sound racist or childish, this is a serious question and politely ask for serious answers only.

Thank you!

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    Um....native americans get ZERO government benefits. There is no free college, that is a myth. "Land reserves"??? Are you talking about the land our nations kept to themselves after signing peace treaties that ceded the rest of the country to your government? Sorry, that's not a "gift". That's what's left of our own homelands- OUR nations. Tax breaks? Sorry, another myth. We pay the same federal taxes as anyone else. The tribal government doesn't pay taxes, that's true....because it is a separate government.

    You want to know what other "benefits" native americans get?

    It was perfectly legal to kill any native American- man, woman, child or infant....up to 1900. In fact, some states would pay you a reward for their scalps.

    We weren't US citizens until 1924. (California didn't recognize it until 1957)

    We didn't get freedom of religion until 1978.

    We couldn't vote in most states until the late 1970's.

    Up until the 1980's native children were routinely taken from their families at the age of 6, they got their hair cut, their names changed, were forcibly baptized and forbidden to speak their native language, and sent to brutal residential schools, where one out of five died- from beatings, starvation, rape and sickness.

    And even today, while no german would dress up like a jew for a costume, or think a jewish mascot is appropriate for their sports team, it is still ok to demean native americans that way. How many "indian princesses" did you see white people wearing for Halloween....or just look at these skanky girls making a mockery of sacred native imagery here:

    btw....the user with no name? That's Pedro. He isn't native American. He's a Puerto rican guy from New Jersey....a well-known fraud who charges people money for fake indian ceremonies.

    Source(s): Navajo....I WISH native americans got half the respect that jews do.
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    They don't get any sort of "benefits".

    What little some Native Nations do get is legally bound treaty rights that Natives and their country's Government (be it Canada, the US, etc.) signed in agreement for the Natives to share their land/resources/settlements with the "settlers" - a decision, I bet, they regret given the absolute sh!tstorm the Euros laid upon them immediately after.

    The rights vary based on regions, nations, and which colonial power signed the treaties. I live in the Unceded Maritimes where the French declared that non-christians couldn't own land so when they "settled" Acadia and Quebec they totally weren't stealing it because ~*~'dem heathens~*~ didn't own it anyway, then the British came and conquered the French, then the colonies formed I live on land that was 'legally' stolen cubed, with the Native population never handing their land over to ANY European power, so they (The Mi'kmaq and Maliseet) don't have many treaty rights, sadly...and Canada certainly ain't gonna give them many more either.

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    I think the Native Americans suffered more. I mean at least the Jews was for like 5 years. For the Native Americans it took them centuries. The Whites even raped their women and created a whole new race of Latin Americans Latinos. True story. Also, the children were killed. That is worse than the Jews but both were pretty HELL OF PAINFUL. I mean the Jews starved to DEATH. BOTH ARE PRETTY CRAZY.

  • Wrong. Native American users have already spoken,

    so there's no need for me to touch upon that. But Jews?.

    Jews got reparations after world war 2, they also got a

    country out of it. You know, Israel. Remember?. Israel

    has received billions annually since the late 40's. With

    these reparations, Israel has been able to construct a

    western-style civilisation with modern housing complexes

    known as settlements, to house repatriated Jews.

    You have absolutely no idea about what you are talking


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  • 7 years ago

    Native Americans do not get free benefits, I'm a tribal citizen & that's a big myth.

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