should i download alternative Desk Defrag instead of Windows Defrag?

I watched a video on you tube "Fast Vista Eps 19". The gentleman looked very intelligent. What actually he was saying was to uncheck the automatic check mark on windows defrag and download Smart defrag. His reason was that windows defrag is running every day behind your screen and makes your computer to run slow. especially for 512Ram. I don't like smart Defrag it automatically downloads another programs. Can I go for Auslogic Desk Defrag instead or keep windows defrag with uncheck automatic schedule and run it once awhile manually. Any advice. Thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can use Auslogic Desk Defrag as you wish.

    You can leave Windows own defrag with the automatic schedule unchecked. People who has Solid State Drives (SSD) should have it unchecked because it's not necessary for SSD to be defragged frequently or at all for some people.

    I suggest you look at Piriform's free Defraggler, it too can defrag hard drives.

    home page

    download page - but scroll to the bottom and look for the builds page link

    This one contains a toolbar. NOT recommended.

    Defraggler - Installer

    Standard installer

    This one is just a file and does not "install" - you unzip it into a folder and click on the file name from Windows Explorer, or make a shortcut to it on the desktop. It can also be put on a USB drive.

    Defraggler - Portable

    Zip file, no installer

    This is the free version with no toolbar, installs like regular Windows programs.

    Defraggler - Slim

    Installer, no toolbar

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  • 7 years ago

    No. Avoid all ads that promise to make your computer faster.

    Windows does not defrag your computer all the time. That is just more BS.

    Companies like that are scams that get you to run their viruses and adware and more often than not they slow down your computer.

    The when you complain, they charge you big bucks to "fix" the problem that you never had in the first place.

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