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7847474 asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 8 years ago

How can I make my hair grow in 10 days?

I am a 14 year old boy in grade 9, and in 10 days there is this really big dance coming up in 10 days. I was at my older cousin's house, and she took me to get a hair cut. It was her stepbrother who is a barber who cut it. He turned my chair away from the mirror and towards the T.V. as he put a movie on. He was taking so long I thought it must've been I good cut, but then when I turned around, it was basically a buzz cut!!! It is a fade however (I don't know if that helps). But anyway, everybody (including my family and friends) ridiculed me for it!!! I asked this girl to the dance and she said yes but I don't even know if she's interested anymore. Anyways, if anybody knows a way to make my hair grow super quick please let me know as I would appreciate any information. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.

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  • Steve
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    8 years ago
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    The present style is not exactly clear. It sounds like it may be a crew cut with a short or semi short taper on the back and sides. This style which can be designed to fully suit most guys can take a bit of time to precisely cut. Friends and family often give a guy the business when he gets a short buzzed style that fully suits. If it doesn't suit is when friends and family usually don't say anything. What they don't realize is that while it is apparent to others that a new short buzzed style fully suits; it frequently is not to the guy who just got buzzed. The reason is that the brain has imprinted the old familiar frame for the facial features formed by the prior style. When a guy looks in the mirror, his brain is searching for the prior frame and cannot see the way the facial features are framed by the new style. This can go on for a week or more until the brain forgets the frame formed by the prior style. If the short buzzed haircut was done by your brother in law and he took his time cutting it and he is a fairly good barber, I'm betting the style actually suits quite well since a good barber can usually design a short pomp(pompadour) style-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- to fully suit most young guys. The average rate of hair growth is 1/8" per week. There is no scientifically proven way to increase or decrease the rate of hair growth. If a guy has a short style, it is going to take a while to grow out.

    Starting from a butch or crew cut.....

    ..... a guy can grow out his hair and have it look great as it grows out if he keeps up with haircuts, getting a slightly longer style each haircut. Assuming an average rate of hair growth of 1/8" per week and haircuts every three weeks: short crew cut; medium crew cut; short ivy league; ivy league; long ivy league; regular taper cut. At this point there will be around three inches on top and the back and sides can start to grow over the ears and collar with haircuts every six to nine weeks to add shape and even up new growth. As already stated above, a good barber can usually design a short pomp(pompadour) style-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- to fully suit most young guys. The same goes for a regular haircut.

    short crew cut:

    medium crew cut:

    ivy league(long crew cut):

    Search the internet for images of soccer star Lukas Podolski for examples of ivy league and crew cut style.

    regular haircut:

    about four months growth past the style above...

    A minute dab of control wax aka butch wax will keep the hair looking well groomed at crew cut and ivy league length. Krew comb, jar variety, works well and so do many others. A butch comb - the small, flat, plastic, oval, pocket brushes that one finger fits through and barbers sell for about a dollar- helps with grooming the short pomp styles. A boar bristle military brush is usually available for a few dollars and is nice to have at home.


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