Does Israel discriminate on race or religion, or both?

The people in Palestine have a hard time assimilating into Israel because the Israelites aren't letting them. Is it because they are not Jewish in religion or race? Or is it both?

I mean even those who are ethnically "jewish" are not even that, they are European.

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    Israel is a democratic state with full rights for all and freedom of religion for all. Their is no discrimination based on religion, there is no discrimination based on race. Ther eIS discrimination from those who hate Israel that they choose to attack the Jewish state and completely ignore the human rights abuses in Arab countries. There IS discrimination from thosewho hate Israel that they will refer to Israel as apartheid, but ignore the palestinians who have stated that NO Jews will be allowed in a future Palestinain state. There IS discrimination from those who hate Israel when they claim Israel has apartheid but ignore the fact that the Palestinians have the death penalty for anyone who sells property to a Jew! There IS discrimination from those who hate Israel when they claim Israel is conducting ethnic cleansing (and ignore the fact that 1 million of Israels 7 million citizens are Arabs) but then ignore the fact that the Palestinains will have a Judenrein future state with no Jews allowed even though some Jewish communities in the West abnk are thousands of years old!

    There is discrimination in the area, but its not coming from Israel!

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    I agree completely with aravah. From what I know and from my experience that info is totally accurate.

    Mark's info isn't entirely accurate. Anyone in Israel who calls themselves Palestinians are NOT Jewish. Yes there are "Christian" Palestinians. But prior to the occupation of Israel by the Romans there could have been no Palestinians because there was no Palestine. The area was named Palestine by the Romans. The area known as the Gaza strip was Philistia because it was home to the people known as Philistines. Of course both these names are names you know because they are written in the same alphabet that is used in Latin or the roman empire back then.

    As was said, Muslims living IN Israel have things better than Muslims anywhere in the world in Arab countries: But the problem of assimilation of those who have vowed AS A PEOPLE" to kill you and annihilate you as a people is the same everywhere: It simply can't be done. We don't wander around freely in and out of lion cages or have them freely walking around through crowds because they WILL attack you at times and you never know when they will strike. (no I am not saying the Palestinians are animals but are people MORE dangerous than animals).Just this week a 16 year old ARAB boy in Afula stabbed to death a 19 year old Israeli soldier asleep on a bus. Politically and practically it is not possible to have peace with a people like this. Think of that the next time you support rhetoric against Israel's policies towards the so -called Palestinians and don't say "the Israelis are not letting them " - it is simply NOT true.

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    1. Why would people in Palestine assimilate to Israel? They are not Israeli. You are confusing Palestinians in Palestine and Palestinian-Israelis who are citizens of Israel.

    2. There are millions of Palestinians who live in Israel. Palestinians make for 20 percent of the nations population. 25 percent of Israeli population is not Jewish. They have access to universal healthcare, education and open elections. What exactly do they not have?

    3. Jews are of all races. To say that Jews of European descent are not Jewish is plain racist. Who the hell are you to determine to who is Jewish and who is not?

    4. Not all Palestinians are Muslim. Many are Christian; many are Jewish; Many are Druze, etc.

    But to answer your question directly, Israel has laws set in place which criminalises the practice of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexuality, etc.

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    20% of Israeli citizens are Arab Muslims.

    They have full rights and priviledges in Israel.

    Before the PLO created the Palestinian ethnicity as a tactic to use in its war on Israel (see PLO charter at the UN webpage for Palestinian Authority), those people who are currently called Palestinian were of the same set of ethnic groups as the Israeli Arab Muslims.

    The only reason that Palestinians are treated differently is because they violently demanded, and received, their own independent countries (today there are two of them whose governments are in conflict - Fatah vs Hamas).

    So, today, Palestinians are foreign nationals when they are in Israel - and they are citizens of countries which are both in very tense relations with Israel (in fact, the Hamas controlled Palestinian Authority has a stated purpose to destroy Israel and regularly lobs bombs into Israel for that reason).

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  • Aravah
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    7 years ago

    answer: the asker is intentionally lying.

    Name ONE Muslim country where Jews are politicians - Muslims sit in parliament in Israel. Muslims serve in the IDF. Name one Muslim country where Jews serve in the military and are welcome.

    His antisemitic fallacies are dishonorable and disgusting. The old "Khazar" dodge just shows the asker is ignorant and "racist"

    Tell the Ethiopian Jews that were RESCUED from persecution by their Muslims and Christian neighbors that Israel was being racist against them.

  • 7 years ago

    Neither. The self-proclaimed "Palestinians" haven't assimilated because they don't want to.

    Crypto-fascist bigots are so predictable, aren't they Turtle?

  • Kevin7
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    7 years ago

    Israel die not discriminate,it is lawful

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