How are Arabs white when many of them are brown in color?

I only think Levant Arab and North Middle Easterners are white they are lighter than most Arabs because they were conquered by Romans and other Europeans like Greeks and Trojans etc. The rest of Arabs are far from white. I grew up with many Arabs, I could tell them easily from a European. In North Africa they have a few white people but even those white people have nappy hair like an African. In Yemen they were conquered by Ethiopians and even some look part Cushitic. By the way apart from skin color Arabs have different facial features from White Europeans. For example there are many Arabs who have features that are somewhere between Negroid and Caucasian. For example their noses are not so thin but they are not so wide, their hair is not so straight and not so nappy, their lips are not so big and not too thin. Everything about their features is "in between". Plus there are mulattos who fit into the Arab society and are considered as part of the society. Btw, Can you call the former President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi white?






Obama is whiter than the Bedouin so how can Arabs be white?

Only Lebanese people and other North Middle Easterners can pass as white from my experience.



Horn of Africa? I'm Horn African. lol. I have to admit I do look like a black skinned Arab. But isn't pigmentation included in racial classification?

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How can you be white and have dark brown skin almost the same as Africans?

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What proof? Look at the pictures. I think European are looking for people to draft into their race since they are so low in population.

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@Fabiana Moretti:

Some Indians have black skin. looool. In Yemen I used to see people who look related to me every time. hahaha. There are different types of Arabs. Only 20% of all Arabs can be considered white. You're gonna tell me a Yemeni is white? Some of them are black. Bedouins are almost black from living in the desert. I lived in Arab countries before. You clearly haven't.

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It is nappy. Why are you obsessed with wordings? Kinky is a sexual reference.

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I have noticed even Shami Arabs are not whiter than the average Japanese.

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    even Tunisians were conquered by scondinavians vandals for that reason u find many white and blond people there lebanese and syrians also white but not the same as europeans They look more

    yellow they are between golf arabs and turk

    for that reason in lebanon and syria they are all yellow close to white people

    but in tunisia you can find dark brown as indians and even black and white Europeans and even blond northern Europeans and Some in between look like syrians and lebaneses Gulf arabs

    the majority are mix between all of those

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    you are assuming caucasian=germanic.

    " Caucasian race (also Caucasoid) is the general physical type of some or all of the populations of Europe, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western, Central and South Asia. Historically, the term was used for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone."

    arabs are caucasoid-there are many variations in this 'made up' racial category.

    negroids from the congo look different to negriods from south africa, angola, ethiopia, senegal etc.

    mongoloids also have great variety as do native americans.

    many of course are mulattos

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    How are americans white when many of them are blacks? BTW, race is a man made concept, half-witted brainless oaf.I suggest adding some science in your life. Go buy your self a book about science in the kids section of a library. That will be a great place to start learning like idiotic people like you!

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    Because not all Caucasians look alike. Definition of Caucasian: Of or being a human racial classification distinguished especially by very light to BROWN skin pigmentation. Indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, Western Asian (AKA Middle East) and India. They're caucasian, get over it

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    The Middle East was a land a great many of different races went through over many thousand years and they all left their own genes behind.

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    Nappy? what is this 1950? It's kinky!

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    Because you assume that whites come in a single shade. They don't.

    Source(s): Why are nordics so hateful?
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