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What's a good first handgun?

I'm getting my restricted licence when I turn 18 and I was wondering what your opinions are of different handguns? I'm in Canada, guess that's kinda important.

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    I'm in Canada too. Since we can't hunt with handguns and can't carry them open or concealed for personal defence (unless one's profession requires it, such as armored car guards), some of the recommendations here are moot, if otherwise well-grounded in their reasoning.

    Depends upon what sort of shooting you're going to do. If you want to do practical shooting events such as IPSC, you are going to want to look at an appropriate "combat" pistol. SIGP220/226, various Glocks, M1911 clones (STI is popular, Kimber if you have a big budget), S&W M&P and the CZ75 (particularly the "Shadow") are common in such events. 9x19mm, 10mm Auto, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .38 Super Auto are the typical calibres used. There's also similar competitions for revolvers. My advice as to figuring out which is to go to a range and try an assortment of pistols to see what agrees with you and what doesn't. Bear in mind that going this route can be pricey, both in the cost of your pistol and equipment, and in ammunition for training and competition.

    If you just want something fun and cheap to shoot (which can still lead into competitive shooting), consider various .22 LR pistols.

    I personally have a German-made SIG P226 (most that you will find here nowadays are actually US made) in 9x19mm (I also have a conversion kit to .22 LR) and a Ruger Mk III (get the bull barrel version) in .22 LR, and I love shooting them both. The SIG is my IPSC gun, and my Ruger Mk III is for casual shooting and and the local "Bullseye" league. Both run reliably and work well with me ergonomically, though my tastes run towards metal frames rather than polymer. I'm also going to get a CZ-75B SP-01 "Shadow" at some point, when my budget can accommodate it, and I'd HIGHLY recommend trying one.

    I've never really been much for revolvers (hoping to change that at some point, but I've already spent more on guns than a lot of folks would spend on a vehicle... sigh).

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    very first gun ever shot, or just bought for yourself?

    Very first gun to shoot I'd suggest going with the GSG/SIG 1911 .22LR good gun, cheap to upgrade, most economical to haul to the range to shoot. My first handgun was a High Standard which they don't make any more.

    If you've shot handguns before, you have some better feel for what you like and can handle. If a dinky little .22 has no appeal to your machismo, call the range and see if they will rent you a selection of handguns for a day.

    Best way to pick "the right gun" is to shoot the darned thing. several darned things of different calibers, single action, double action, revolvers, semi-automatics ... Only way to find out which frame and caliber is best for you.

    There's plenty of egos going off over the Springfield Armory 1911 v the Glock 22 or whatever. the best for you is just that.

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    Depends what you want to do with it. Self defence, any of the common .38 to .40 pistols or revolvers would suffice. pick a top brand like a Glock, Colt ot Ruger and you really can't go wrong. Hunting, you need a heavy caliber and any of the magnums would suffice .357,.44 etc.

    Good luck on getting the permit

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    I'd go out and shoot some different calibers and get a feel for what you like. You wan to be confident in your ability to handle the recoil of your pistol, and in knowing your preferred caliber, you'll be able to narrow down the style of gun. For example: if you like 9mm, then you'll likely be getting a semi-auto than a revolver.

    After you figure out your caliber, then it's just a matter of what type of action (double, single) you like and which firearm feels best in your hand. Also make sure to research brands!

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    The Glock in 9mm, very well made, doesn't cost and arm and a leg and lastly they are common so learning to shoot one with proper training is readily available and absolutely nessassary for your safety as well as others, all around good pistol not the best but far from the worst. Law endorsement community uses these for reliability and accuracy too..

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    First does not mean "beginner". Get whatever gun fits your hand and is designed to shoot the type of target you want, in the environment you are in. The first pistol I shot was a Ruger semi but the one I now prefer, I own a revolver with more power.

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    If they're legal up there, a Ruger Mark II or Mark III is a good choice. It's made in .22LR caliber, so ammo should be relatively cheap.

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    I'd say a Ruger SR9 or SR40.

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