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Car electric chip............?

hi, i have a Mercedes 230 kompressor 2002 sport, the car is not bad in performance but i need to make it faster from the start (sorry for my English) a friend of mine suggested to set an electronic chip in it.

what does this chip do? is it safe for the engine? will i face any kind of problems such as oil?

any information will be good


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    If you want to know what that particular chip does in your particular car, you'll have to ask your friend (or the guy selling you that chip).

    _Usually_, that chip is part of the engine management, i.e. it controls the engine. By changing its program (i.e. changing one of the chips in the engine management), you change the way the engine is controlled. That may influence max RPM, the fuel/air mix, ignition timing or the cut-off speed - or any other of a few dozen of parameters.

    What this does to the engine depends on what it does exactly - but you could imagine that each change of the factory parameters may influence fuel consumption, exhaust gas parameters or engine lifetime. Waht it will change in any case is the factory's willingness to honour any kind of warranty - and the road worthiness certificate (or whatever that's called in your country).

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