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Car electric chip............?

hi, i have a Mercedes 230 kompressor 2002 sport, the car is not bad in performance but i need to make it faster from the start (sorry for my English) a friend of mine suggested to set an electronic chip in it.

what does this chip do? is it safe for the engine? will i face any kind of problems such as oil?

any information will be good


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    the engine control unit (ECU) is the computer that regulates the parameters of the engine. to modulate temperatures and exhaust gasses/emissions the ECU changes the proportions of fuel an air burned in combustion. in turbocharged cars, the ECU can also modulate the amount of boost (pressure) generated by the turbo.

    changing the software on the ECU, you can change the way the engine reacts to higher running temperatures and other engine performance stats.

    on a turbo car an ECU software flash can increase horsepower by a drastic amount. on a car with a supercharger you should also install a pulley upgrade because the amounts of boost generated do not vary like the way they do on a turbo.

    note that if you change the pulley on a supercharged car and don't update the software on the ECU, your computer wont know how to handle the extra pressure.

    ECU flashes void the vehicles warranties because they let engines run hotter than they normally would. though the manufacturers dont really want you to do this, the people that make these mods measure the performance and temperature gains very carefully to make sure that the engine is still running within a good level of reliability and stability.

    if you truly want to make your car faster you should think about getting a high flow intake (possibly cold air) because it will let your supercharger pass more air into the engine. a supercharger pulley upgrade to increase the speed at which it spins letting you build more boost, and an exhaust upgrade to let you get that extra exhaust out from the engine with less resistance. add in these things before you change the software on your ECU and you could see performance gains of close to 50 hp with a minimal if not completely negligible hit on reliability. (in fact if you only install intake an exhaust mods you can increase your fuel economy sine you make the engine work less to produce the same amount of power)

    as with any car it's always a good idea to check up on your fluids (coolant, oil, fuel consumption and brake and steering fluids) with a hotter running engine expect the consumption rates of these to increase. it wont be a drastic change but it will happen. once you get used to how much oil and coolant is being used it will be fairly easy to tell what's going on with the engine over the long run.

    another thing to note for better acceleration performance is decreased weight and increased tire grip.

    by removing things from your car that you dont use (trash and in the most extreme cases rear seats interior lining and spare tires) you make the engine work less towards moving mass and giving you better acceleration. installing grippier tires made of a softer compound with less tread you can minimize wheel spin on acceleration to give you better starts.

    i also know for a fact that on mercedes c230 kompressors of that era, keeping traction control on for straight line acceleration helps performance. ive had a lot of fun on a 2000 c230 kompressor sedan in parking lots with my friends. for a family car the engine is quite good and sounds amazing. if you turn traction control off you can do donuts and burnouts with ease. for straight line performane keepin the gearbox in automatic mode is also faster since all upshifts under full throttle are done at redline. using manual mode there is a certain amount of lag that's difficult to play with to get shifts just right.

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