My boss not paying my for hours?

I originally was working an 8 hour day and worked and extra 2 hours due to the fact that the time I was suppose to leave we got busy. It has always been a rule to stick around and make sure the job is done and if it gets busy stay, we are suppose to get paid for it. 2 days ago my manager informed me on phone that the owner was displeased with me staying those extra 2 hours and that in the future to leave, Manager also said the owner was unprofessionally having a rant and saying how she was not going to pay me for those hours, I told the manger that the owner had to pay me and that its illegal if she does not and the manager agreed.

I got my cheque today and Im missing 2 hours worth of pay. I did not have time to contact the owner whom is the boss because I was working and did not have time to look at my pay till I got home. Which is 11:45 pm

Im not sure how to handle this because my father says I did not call to see if I should stay those extra hours I work I cant claim.... yet its never been an issue in the past."? Ive never had to call nor have I been informed to call to get permission to stay.

I feel entitled to those hours even though its a minimum wage job I need that 20 bucks if I worked it. Aren't I legally in the right to them>?

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  • 7 years ago
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    You better report your boss and the company that you are working right now on the Labor Agency of your country for them to pay what you deserve to get....Imagine you are very loyal to your work and being so productive in your company to help them earn a lot of money but in return they give you not exact amount of salary for what you work...Every employee sacrifices their blood and sweat just to support their family and to buy their own needs so they should also receive what they had work on for...Report that immediately so that they can no longer violate you rights and those employees that will be soon work on that company...

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