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What is the best dry cat food I can buy?

I really don't know what brand of dry cat food to feed my cat. There are so many to choose from. I just want one brand I can trust and one that is the best quality? Anyone have any suggestions?

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    LOL at 9Lives! That's about the WORST crap you could feed your cat! It's made with NO real meat and with mostly corn!

    Cats are carnivores and need a food made with real meat and grain free. Excellent brands include Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Innova Evo and Wellness Core. You should also be feeding your cat a bit of canned food daily as well.

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    Don't feed your cat 9Lives or Friskies! It's super artificial and has SO many byproducts in it, you can't be sure where any of that stuff came from. Corn and gluten is terrible for a cat's body, they need real meat and very, very little or no grain at all. I would recommend Wellness Core or Blue Buffalo, because that's what I feed my cat and other than the fact that it's sort of pricey, I have only good things to say about it. Make sure you leave out fresh water at all times and give your cat some canned food as well because all kibble can be like eating all potato chips and Twinkies except it's a cat.

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    Answering from uk here but any mid to higher end brand should suffice...not sure how many brands you have to choose from but remember that every one of them by law has to contain at least the minimum amount of vitamins & minerals to keep a cat healthy..the main difference between them is the cheapest contain less protein so you end up buying more for your cat as it does not satisfy, whereas the more expensive have a much higher meat content so less is needed. It's your choice, don't feel forced into anything but also don't keep swapping brands as your cat will become fussy. Have to just add that no, wet food is not required as part of a dry food diet...both my cats are dry only, the oldest being 12 now fit & healthy. Just keep fresh water out all the need to mix..xx

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    Well the best if you go by the hype is Blue Buffalo, Wellness Core, and some others.It's easy to find them in the pet store they run almost $4 pound.After 2 years and trying many of them I now feed my Cats dry food from Costco about .85 pound and they seem to like it.It should be noted that the high quality foods are very rich with some having 40% protein.This super rich food can cause major diarrhea in some Cats and it may take a owner many trips to the Vet to figure out the only problem is the food.With only one cat even the high cost food won't be to bad.I would also recommend dry food once a day and wet food once a day. Here's a link to a good site which rates a lot of different Cat foods and tells the good and the bad of each one.

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    The best would probably be orijen. Pretty expensive though. Wellness core, taste of the wild, natural balance, natures variety, blue wilderness, earthborn etc are also good foods.

    Cats should also get some canned. At least half canned. If you feed half canned add water to it to make up for the lack of water in the kibble.

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    Hills Science Diet is very good and can be bought at most good vets or in a pet supermarket. My cats love James Wellbeloved biscuits but I also understand that IAMS is a very good brand with a high meat content. My cats have both wet and dry food, but if you try that with yours and it gets the runs, then decide whether you want to feed wet orr dry food and remove the other one from the equation. Not all cats can tolerate wet and dry food on a daily basis without getting a tummy upset. One of my cats cant eat anything Whiskas as it is too rich for him, and although his mouth loves it his other end doesn't!! All cats are different and they will let you know if they like the biscuits or not by how well they tuck into them or whether they just sniff and then walk away. I recently tried to change my cats from eating James Wellbeloved biscuits, as I thought it would be good to give them a change, but they both made it patently obvious that the alternative wasn't to their taste, and they weren't going to eat 'that muck'!!

    Source(s): Having two cats, and raising many more during the course of my life. My oldest cat got to 22 and died of natural causes, so I must be doing something right!! My current eldest was 17 years old in September, and he is the oldest boy I have ever had. Like with humans, the males tend to die younger than the females, but the slim, active females can go on to a very good age and still get a lot out of their lives up to that point.
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    I feed my kittens and cat Natural Choice cat food. I like it more than anything I've fed them before. They have beautiful coats, small stools and maintain healthy weight. It contains real turkey as the first ingredient, no corn, no wheat and no soy. It also has no animal by-products and no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. I also like that they make it all in house in their own factories. This makes for superior quality control with over 600 quality checks per day.

    Hope that helps :)


    Pet Nutrition Specialist


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