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How do you think about Sochi 2014?

choose whatever you are willing to answer,thanks for your time^_^

1. Do you think the Olympic should be a venue of discussing politics? Why?

2. Do you think the homosexual athletes should have right to do the competition in Sochi, Russia? Why?

3. Do you think the athletes from other countries should respect the law of the host country or the can have right to protest and express their standpoint on the law?

4. Will you still watch the olympics if there is any other discrimination included?

5. Do you know any other sports events with strong respect of athletes' human rights?

6. Have you ever protested for the problems mentioned above?If so,could you give a brief introduction?

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    1. No. The people at Sochi associated with sporting events (athletes, coaches, trainers, etc.) are there to work, so they won't talk politics. Most media will be there to do a job as well, so they won't. Spectators, maybe. But since Putin is Russia's President, there will be a self-muting atmosphere.

    2. Yes. For one thing, it's in the Olympic Charter that no athletes should be discriminated against, including according to sexual orientation. The International Olympic Committee totally knuckled under when the Duma recently passed that anti-propaganda homosexuality law, so I blame the IOC, not Russia.

    3. I believe athletes should be permitted to express themselves within the letter of applicable domestic laws when not competing. When they are competing, I don't believe protest is appropriate.

    4. Most likely. It's going to be very hard to tell if there's widespread discrimination or harassment. Clearly some will go to Sochi to agitate the Russian powers, trying to get thrown out of the country or imprisoned. If they get a raw deal, that doesn't bother me. Media may be squelched somewhat as reporters will do their best not to be expelled. But if the authorities go too far and crack down on throngs for hanging out near the Olympic Village, that's going to be too big a story not to report. Don't forget that not watching the Olympics doesn't hurt Russia. It would hurt the IOC, which collects the TV revenue. Also, the athletic competition will go on regardless of protests. The Canadian-Slovak hockey game will be just as exciting.

    5. I'm not aware of any sporting event that has a Charter as encompassing as the Olympics.

    6. I have not, though I have attended a couple of gay-pride parades.

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    Here is my stance on Sochi:

    the Olympics went to CHINA. CHINA, for crying out loud. And nobody said a word. Therefore, Sochi is not a problem.

    And this is my stance as a fan of figure skating. I am well aware of the accusations regularly and foolishly, but occasionally accurately, leveled at my favourite athletes.

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