Please help I need to get out !?

Okay I have been with my current boyfriend for nearly 2 years and things were awesome the first year then severly started going downward from there on. We have broken up and got back together. We are currently together I am 18 and he is 19 but has lied to me and said hes 20 so I just let that slide whatever. Anyways he is not an affectionate person what so ever there is never cuddling, barely any kisses and sex never happeneds I do not believe he is cheating on me, I believe he just got lazy in our relationship there used to be pleanty of those things he just told me he has changed since he quit drinking.. we both quit drinking I quit for him. I talk to him about our relationship issues but he gets angry at me and tells me to stop! I love him but he does not want the same things for the future as I do!! one day I want kids and a marriage but he does not. He said he loves me with all his heart but he most definetly does not show me that.. Now heres my question I want to break from him and start over fresh but I have a really hard time letting things go.. I am no longer happy with this man but I am to scared to break off from him.. Im scared ill be alone and that ill miss him to much and that I need him but he isn't even that nice I think im attatched to him.. what can I do to lessen the attatchment and start fresh :l?

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  • 7 years ago

    It's obvious you two need to split because he's not showing you the love you deserve, being his girlfriend. My trick is, whenever I start thinking and miss an ex, I remind myself of all the crap they put me through, and that one day I'll find someone better. That always helps.

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