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Do you think Auburn has a legit shot to win vs Alabama?

I know it's a couple weeks away but it could be a good game.

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    No, not at all. I think Alabama beats them by at least 3 TD's. Auburn is 9-1 because they play in the SEC. Go look at who they've played. Outside of beating an extremely overrated Texas A&M, they haven't beat anyone. Think about it, they needed a miracle to beat Georgia, needed a last second INT to beat Washington State (one of the worst teams in the Pac 12), and lost to LSU. Does this mean that Auburn is terrible? Certainly not, but people shouldn't act like this is a great team. Not all one loss teams are created equal.

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    7 years ago

    Bama's defense will stack the box every play, forcing converted CB Nick Marshall to throw the ball, something he's not very good at. I think Bama beats them by at least 3 possessions.

    To play devil's advocate, Auburn does have two weeks to prepare for Alabama and it is an intense rivalry game, so anything can happen.

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    Auburn is a very good team I believe.. I think they have a shot at beating Bama.. It's a rivalry game.. You can toss everything out when you play this game... If Bama plays to their potential and not like they did against Mississippi St. then they should come out of this with a big double digit win.... ROLL TIDE!!!!

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    It's possible because any given Saturday

    BUT from what I saw from Auburn today, no. It took the miracle of the year to beat an injury ridden Georgia team at home. Bama isn't as injury prone, has a MUCH stronger defense, and has possibly the best coach in college football. Auburn is good, but I don't think it's good enough to take down Bama

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    Auburn has the same chance of beating Alabama that a "high school" kid has of asking if his 4.3 40 time and 553 bench will get him scouted by a major college and not be called a weenie by a certain Penn State fan.

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    Auburn will keep it close the first half then bama wears them down in the 2nd. The only reason it will be close is because it's at auburn and they will have a lot of heart and momentum going into this game. Bama's defense will have no problem shutting down auburns offense

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    I know a lot of people like to look at the Georgia game and say "Bama will kill them." In all honesty, when these two teams meet, you might as well throw out all the records and watch a slugfest! With that being said, I think Bama wins by 17.

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    Yes, but they won't. Bama 27 - Auburn 10.

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    Do I think they will?


    But my three favorite teams are LSU, and whoever is playing Alabama or Notre Dame.

    So, with that said, WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

  • Amanda
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    7 years ago

    I'd like to see Auburn win. Do I think they will? No.

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