Looking for title of this short story?

I read it years ago, don't remember the title. Set in the late 1800's I believe. A woman is engaged to be married, and is being escorted through the winter countryside by a clergyman. They have a wedding gift with them, unopened. The weather makes them stop in a cold house for the night, and with no fire, they have to cuddle up together to keep warm. Because of this inappropriate intimacy, they will have to marry. You find out at the end of the story that the woman knows the wedding gift was actually a flintbox, and that she could have started a fire and not had to cuddle up with the guy, ie that she didn't want to marry her fiance, wanted to marry the clergyman.

Anyone know it?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Sounds like it might be by O. Henry.

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