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Why does Venezuela President hate True Americans who Believe in capitalism?

Why Does Venezuela President hate Americans who believe in capitalism? I believe government should be limited anyone here agrees?

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  • 8 years ago
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    No offence but it sounds to me like you have been listening to the mainstream liberal media for far too long and they have brainwashed you into believing that Capitalism is under attack in South America by Socialism. It is not! Capitalism has actually been alive and well in Venezuela for decades but has EXPLOITED the poor very unfairly!

    Here's a typical example of what I mean -

    Venezuela had landless citizens by the millions - and unused land by the millions of acres tied up, untilled, on which a tiny elite of plantation owners squatted. Chavez's congress passed a law in 2001 requiring untilled land to be sold to the landless. It was a program long promised by Venezuela's politicians at the urging of John F. Kennedy as part of his "Alliance for Progress."

    Plantation owner Heinz Corporation didn't like that one bit. In retaliation, Heinz closed its ketchup plant in the state of Maturin and fired all the workers. Chavez seized the Heinz plant and put the workers back on the job. Chavez didn't realize that he'd just squeezed the tomatoes of America's powerful Heinz family and Mrs. Heinz' husband, Sen. John Kerry (now, Obama's nominee for US Secretary of State).

    So it sounds like you were wrong about Chavez hating and stifling Capitalism doesn't it? Then of course you have big oil -

    Just after Bush's inauguration in 2001, Chavez's congress voted in a new "Law of Hydrocarbons." Henceforward, Exxon, British Petroleum, Shell Oil and Chevron would get to keep 70 percent of the sales revenues from the crude they sucked out of Venezuela. Not bad, considering the price of oil was rising toward $100 a barrel.

    But to the oil companies, which had *****-slapped Venezuela's prior government into giving them 84 percent of the sales price, a cut to 70 percent was "no bueno." Worse, Venezuela had been charging a joke of a royalty - just 1 percent - on "heavy" crude from the Orinoco Basin. Chavez told Exxon and friends they'd now have to pay 16.6 percent.

    This led to Chavez being placed under house arrest (a coup) perpetrated by the CIA!

    Listen friend, please stop listening to the mainstream liberal media, you have GOT to start thinking for yourself!

  • 8 years ago

    Venezuela president tried to give America cheap oil after Katrina but republican president Bush would not allow it. Americans paid higher gas prices thanks to Bush jr.

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