Do I have to uninstall windows 8 before installing windows 7?

I'm currently running windows 8.1 with numerous issues and I think I am going to get rid of it and go back to 7 again... can I just run the windows 7 iso and install it or it doesn't work that way?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It'll work as long as you have a copy of Windows 7 and a valid Windows 7 product key.

    If this computer came with Windows 8 originally then you'll have to make some changes. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer (probably in the manual somewhere) about how to enter the BIOS. Turn off Secure Boot and/or enable Legacy BIOS.

    Boot from your Windows 7 disc to start the installer.

    You'll be doing a clean install so backup anything you want to keep. You'll be erasing the whole hard drive so anything you don't backup will be deleted. Here are the instructions to do a clean install.

    Any computer shipping with Windows 8 will have a GPT hard drive but you'll need to change it to MBR to install Windows 7. After deleted all the partitions on the hard drive, open the command line using the keyboard shortcut Shift + F10. Follow the command line instructions from the site link below to do the conversion.

    Close the command line once the conversion is complete and continue with installing Windows 7 per the clean install guide.

    If this PC originally came with 7 and you upgraded to 8 then you don't need to do convert the disc, or enter BIOS. Simply follow the instructions to do a clean install of Windows 7 after you backup any files you want to keep.

    After Windows 7 is installed, run Windows Update. When all updates are installed, copy over your backup files and install your favorite programs and you'll be all done.

    - Dominic

  • 7 years ago

    Everybody as had numerous issues with every version of windows, that's nothing new, I found out ten years ago when I was having big computer problems that windows Vista/Xp were not the only computer operating systems in the world so I dumped windows and moved to Free Linux operating system and software From that day forth I have never had any computer problems, Linux is a free, It's the worlds fastest Operating System It's what Adriod is developed from Like Mac OS'x is developed from the Free BSD operating system,

    What I don't understand with your statment is you say you have installed W8.1, the only way you could do that is by either buying it or installing the free download onto a W8 system if that is the case your going to have problems installing W7. on to a W8 system, If you do have problems installing W7 then you can download the latest November 2013 Free Linux operating systems from here

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    You can either overwrite windows 8 with 7, or dual boot it. Either way, don't remove 8, just put the windows 7 install CD in. It will prompt you to overwrite the current OS, resulting in just windows 7.

    If you want to dual boot the PC, then resize the partition windows 8 is on (numerous places on the itnernet will tell you how to do this, just google it). Once the partition is resized, create a new partition to fill in the unassigned space, this will hold windows 7. Put in the install CD and tell it to install to the new, blank partition. Make sure you check, and double check the drive letters or you may overwrite windows 8.

    Just make sure not to manually detele windows 8 before installing 7, you want an OS on there at the time of installation of the new one just in case something goes wrong.

  • 7 years ago

    first if you want window 8 and window 7 both in your pc than I tell you it will slow down the processing speed, but still you want to instal both than if you install window 7 after window 8 than you have to problem of using of window 8 there has chances to not appearing of window 7 and window 8 option on your booting screen and directly your window 7 will run because window 7 is downgrade version than window 8 its hasn't any information of window 8 so during installation window 8 can't be recognized by the window 7 and couldn't give any option for window 8.

    but if you instal window 7 first and than reinstall your window 8 than you will get two option of window 7 and window 8 on boot screen to select your operating system to run. and you can use both of window, but you can run only one window at single time.

    ONE more Important thing should be remember... You have to use different ID for different window. means if you have installed window 7 in c drive than you have to instal window 8 in other than c-drive.

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  • hemppy
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    7 years ago

    hi Halabi, if I am understanding you correctly what you want to do is to down grade from windows 8.0 to windows 7 this is very complicated because to install windows 8.0 you had to upgrade your bios. so I want to say all you have to do is like windows xp, vista, or windows 7 but windows 8.0 is different and let me explain why with all of those other windows you got a resource diskette to install all of your drivers but with windows 8.0 you get one disk and that disk has not only your computer system but all of your drivers along with it. so to make your computer work right with windows 8.0 download all of your updates. with that windows you are already registered also. so I recommend that if you are serous about downloading your computer that you take your computer tower with all of your software and let a computer repairman do it for you he can install it manually. I had windows 8.0 installed on my computer and I called the manufacturer for the resource diskette and with tech support we worked for two days and we could not down grade to windows 7 and now I'm kind of glad it is understanding windows 8.0 to see why Microsoft built it so I recommend that you buy a book called windows 8.0 for dummies you will learn a lot in a short amount of time. but the reason that you want back to windows 7 is that you got used to it and it is hard to learn something new. let me explain a little bit to you when you sign in you come to the start windows now to get to your desktop push the desktop easy enough but now you want to go back to the start screen so over in the lower left part of your keyboard you see a windows that looks like a glass window push that and you are at your start screen again now you want to see your applets over in the lower right corner you see a small symbol push that and you go to the top where you see search right there is all of your applets that is in your computer. it is easy once you understand so I highly recommend that you buy that book and read it you will learn a lot in a short amount of time. good luck I hope I was helpful to you

  • 7 years ago

    Nope, its your wish which one to install

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