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Does anyone miss J. Edgar Hoover? It seems like when he died, our freedom started dying...?

'The FBI participated in the Venona Project, a pre–World War II joint project with the British to eavesdrop on Soviet spies in the UK and the United States. They did not initially realize that espionage was being committed, but Soviet multiple use of one-time pad ciphers, which are normally unbreakable, created redundancies. This let some intercepts be decoded, which established the espionage. Hoover kept the intercepts—America's greatest counterintelligence secret—in a locked safe in his office, choosing not to inform President Truman, Attorney General J. Howard McGrath, or two Secretaries of State—Dean Acheson and General George Marshall—while they held office. He informed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the Venona Project in 1952.'

OK, commies. Let the words of anger flow...


And the first commie subversive to chime in is CHEWY THE WHITE HOUSE SHILL.

Bonk myself on the head... WHO KNEW?

Update 2:

The results of the Venona project were declassified in 1995.

They proved that Julius Rosenberg really was spying for the Soviets.

They proved that the entire federal government was literally crawling with Soviet spies during the FDR and Truman years.

It proved that the Red Scare of the 1950's was right. There really were commies everywhere.

Update 3:

Summertime/Meredith, don't lie to me.

I was alive then, so I know it was real.

You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to me.

In those days our government kept secrets to protect our freedom.

Today our government keeps secrets to take away our freedom.

I miss the old days.

It looks like Hoover was right. The enemies of our freedom really have taken over our government.

Meredith, you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading lies to help them.

You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to me.

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    It always amazes me that the liberal Democrats that seem to worship cross dressers and homosexuals want to smear a great man like Hoover by calling him a cross dresser.

    There is NO photos of Hoover in drag. There is no evidence that he was gay. All there is is the perverted dreams of Democrats, liberals and communists that put this LIE forward.

    Hoover didn't tell Truman about the Venona project because there so many Communist spys in his administration named and confirmed by the decrypted cables that he couldn't trust him.


    And just for the record, though I know it is off topic. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were scumbag traitorous spys selling atomic secrets to the USSR and they got what they deserved, just not painful enough.

    Semper Fi

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    Yes, there were tons of Soviet spies and sympathizers in the Government. Hoover, however was a paranoid power hungry SOB who blackmailed Senators, even Presidents on whom he was spying as much as on any commies. He kept extensive files with blackmail evidence on many many people who had nothing to do with any foreign powers. I won't go into the allegations of his bizarro sexual practices for which there is some evidence but no real proof. Not a nice guy all around.

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    First Director of FBI. Very powerful man

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    Maybe they were never really alive. Just in the minds of those suppressing all others. That's not living in my humble opinion.

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    I don't. He died three years before I was born.

    The good ol' days of unrestrained freedom that you imagine never existed.

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    Unlike what we have today he was willing to stand for what was right and he did.

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    You miss a paranoid cross-dresser that liked to wear women's clothing?


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    AND he looked great in pantyhose!

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