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Is AFC a soft Conference? Is NFC where the better teams are at?

Is it just me or are the only real threats in that Conference the Broncos and Colts?

While in the NFC Conference we have teams showing great offense and good defense on teams like Saints, Seahawks, Eagles, and Panthers.


When I say better teams I say teams that look more like a threat and I see 4 vs 2 from my perspective. NFC is my Conference's team tho so I might be paying a bit more attention to it. Should I add Bengals to the threats of the AFC? I don't believe so because they seem so inconsistent to me. Aren't Bengals that team that will win about 3 games in a row only to lose 2 games in a row after that? Yeah, I don't see a team like that going far in playoffs.

Update 2:

I'm not from Canada, I just prefer the Canadian Yahoo Answers layout more. LOL

I'm from South Jersey. ;)

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    In games between the 2 conferences, the NFC has won one more game than the AFC so far. The two conferences are pretty equal overall. The balance within each conference is a little different.. The AFC has 5 teams that have won 7 or more games; the NFC has 2 (3 if the Panthers win tonight).

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    First of all, nice representation of Canada. I'm from Illinois and I honestly like the CFL better, so I was stoked when Trestman went down to coach my Chicago Bears.

    You're forgetting about the Chiefs. Sure, they lost yesterday, but they're still tied for the best record in the AFC. Chiefs play Broncs again in 2 weeks, which will be interesting.

    You also forgot about the Patriots. And yes, some people do think the Bengals are real threats.

    However, I think that the NFC is the better conference. There's the Seahawks, Saints, Panthers, 49ers and Bears, which would set up a great playoffs in my opinion.

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    Nfc Conference Teams

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    The toughest division in football is by far the NFC north with the Bears, Packers, Lions, and Vikings. Plus, as you said, the NFC has the Saints Seahawks Eagles and Panthers.

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    you are including the 5-4 Eagles and not the Bengals or Patriots?

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