coding languages to write apps?

What coding languages must I learn in order to write phone apps?

I am looking more towards getting certified than getting an actual degree.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    It depends a lot on whether you want to write apps for Android or iOS. To write an app from scratch for Android, you'll need to learn Java, and to write an app from scratch for iOS, most people write in Obective-C. Eclipse is a good development environment for Android, and there are several add-ons that make it easier. XCode is used by many iOS developers.

    However, if you want to write apps that run on both Android and iOS, it's very tedious to have to write the same code in two different languages. It's much easier to use a framework that can port your code to run on multiple types of smartphones. I highly recommend using the Simple App Blueprint as a easy way to get started. You can check it out at

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