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I have some questions about Abortion in Canada?

okay so this is literally for my kid sister who is 15 and she thinks (not saying she is) pregnant cause well her and her boyfriend I found out were naked but they had oral sex but he not put his penis in her vagina but he did rub his penis against her vagina and they did not use protection so we want to make sure she not pregnant cause lately she getting a lot of pregnancy symptoms so we want to make sure if she is or not pregnant and we discuss about this, if she is pregnant she wants a abortion because our family is poor and we can't support a baby so I was wondering if she only tells our mom not our dad (they are still marry to each other and they live in the same house as us) will my dad found out like will the doctors tell him too or would it be on her medical records and he found out that way?? like she gets sick a lot and gets send to the hospital a lot so does the doctor have a right to tell him about her abortion??

and also if you getting a abortion can you ask the doctors put you in under sleep during the process? cause she really doesn't want to be wake during the abortion if she pregnant

and my last question does the doctors have a right to tell my another family members if she had the abortion like we only want our mom to know that's it

and Ohh she doesn't know I'm asking this question I just want to know so I can inform her but she has no idea of me making this question I don't want to tell her I don't want her to think I think she is pregnant she been very emotional about her might be pregnant so I don't want to stress her out like she already is just letting you guys know why she didn't type up this question and post it

that's it and no rude comments we all make mistakes we are all human thanks!


Rachel maybe you should edit on your answer

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    "will the doctors tell him too"

    - no.

    "or would it be on her medical records"


    "and he found out that way?"

    Does your father usually demand to see family medical records?

    "does the doctor have a right to tell him about her abortion?"

    Sort of. But only if there is some medical thing relating to it.

    "if you getting a abortion can you ask the doctors put you in under sleep during the process?"

    Not if its a chemical abortion. For that she will be given a pill to take, followed by a second one a couple of days later, and then a medical check up a week or two after.

    Since she is under 18, she will probably need parental consent to have an abortion.

    Now for some more important stuff.

    She needs to learn to NEVER let a penis even near her vagina without a condom on.

    She needs to get tested for STDs.

    You both need to be aware that pregnancy symptoms do not usually begin until the 8th week of pregnancy. But a pregnancy test should be taken 3 weeks after the date that she put her self at risk of pregnancy.

    I doubt that she is pregnant. But you are doing the right thing in thinking ahead, and planning for the possibility.

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    You don't get pregnant rubbing a penis against a vagina. It requires semen to enter the vagina, make it past the uterus, and fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube.

    You can get a home pregnancy test from any pharmacy. They are inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use. If it comes back positive, visit a doctor (with phone one or visit a drop-in clinic) and they can verify the result.

    Yes, she could get an abortion in Canada. Parental permission or notification is not required. Doctors visits and treatments are confidential. Your doctor will not discuss it with your parents or anyone else. Nor can your parents see your medical records or that you have even been to see a doctor.

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