My mother doesn't love me?

Honestly, I know that my mother doesn't love me because all the time she always talks about me behind my back, since my sister told me that she always talks bad behind my back and always says bad stuff behind like saying '' she's crazy, shes a ****, she's crazy, she's not normal, she's not human.'' like all the time and gets me so angry, what do i do too her? and on top of that my father always agrees with her. Honestly, I'm one of those kids who suffer from not having any affection and love. I feel like i'm so cursed right now, because like my parents don't even love me and also like i have no guy into my life and also all they do is like treat me bad, and always threaten me like ''oh im gonna hit you'' like right now, its so annoying.

i rather drink alcohol and do drugs

in a small room rather than living like this.

because this life's a struggle.

Actually, honestly i do think i'm cursed -

because all my life i've been like ''sorrow'' (sad)

or even depressed, moody, and i always had

this plan in my mind of suicidal, i swear to god

i know that one day i might die of suicide

like its not even funny, i already told myself

that if one day i get tired of my life,

my exit will be suicide. LOL im laughing-

but im so serious, like i'm not crazy.

maybe i am... but thats what they made me

like.... i didnt choose to be born. loll wow

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  • 7 years ago
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    Are you sure your sister is being truthful? I know plenty who aren't. I know you have value or God would have not made you in his own image. Try to find some positive people in your life who you can accept and will accept you as a friend, nothing more and nothing less. They are out there, I promise. Remember too, you only live at home for 18 years and those years, although they don't seem like it now, will pass by quickly and you will be out on your own. Make sure during this time that you make positive decisions about your education and what you enjoy. Make those things priorties and get some hobbies. This will help you succeed in your life when you get older. Do this, if not for any real reason now except to prove them all wrong! You can do it, I know several people who have and they got the last laugh and have become very successful adults.

  • 7 years ago

    I'm sorry your feeling this way right now. I am not sure if you're a teen but it sounds like it. In any case just confront your mother and let her know what she is saying and you would like to know why she feels she can judge you and talk behind your back. As far as not having a guy in your life right now. So what! I mean really girl don't depend on a man to make you happy. You create your own happiness. Maybe you have somewhere else to stay? Don't think suicide is going to to you any good. You may survive the attempt and be worse off ,and your mom would be that much more hateful towards you. Not to mention its a selfish act. Burning for eternity sounds awful as well. Wow! Maybe you should go have a mental evaluation. Really! Good luck to you and try to think positive. You can pick your friends but not your family

    Choose wisely. Quoted by Peter.A.K

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    7 years ago

    So what's you question? If its does my lousy life entitle me to make it lousier then no, I can't agree with you, your pity party is limited to one today.

    No one makes you be like anything but you can choose and you've chosen the easy way of saying "I don't have to try, its all their fault and they will be sorry". If they are as bad as you claim, no they won't be.

    You know what they best revenge is? Living well, being successful, and happy. That will really show them.

    Yes, life is a struggle, for you and everyone else, you don't even want to hear how awful others have it because you're all wrapped up in yourself now.

    But suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And it won't make them wrong, which is what you should be shooting for.

  • 7 years ago

    I think you should sit down with a school counselor or perhaps your dad and let him know how you feel. Just ask them if they love you. Most parents love their children unconditionally but just have a hard time showing it. I know that my mom loves me and yet I just have to know it because its not something thats glaringly apparent. You're mom might say those things about you out of anger or because she doesn't know how to connect with you. You should try spending time with her and getting to know her. Tell her that you know you have differences but that you love her as well. Remember parents are just humans and they have the same emotions you are going through. While she is supposed to be the mature one it doesn't always happen and it may be up to you to open up the lines of communication and start fostering a real relationship and connection with her. But either way don't ever think of suicide because this is just one small area of your life. Even if things end up being horrible at home or with your parents, you will meet many other people in your life that will love you.

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  • 7 years ago

    Your parents are out of their minds and should be very upset with themseleves. Whatever you do don't result in suicide. You dont have a good life but it will get better. One day you will meet someone who will understand you and love you.

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