What do you think of some of these rappers?

There are 100.You do not have to do all.But pick some and share opinions on them whether good or bad or just pick a few you like stating you like them.

For this weeks top 100:(My top 100 this week)



3.Big L




7.Big Pun



10.Andre 3000

11.Tony J


13.Method man

14.Kayne West

15.Eazy E


17.LL Cool J

18.Adam Tentsa

19.Jake Miller


21.50 Cent


23.Snoop Dogg


25.Lauryn Hill


27.DJ Yella

28Nate Dogg

29.Trey Songz

30.Lil Kim

31.Krayzie Bone

32.Busta Rhymes

33.Sammy Adams

34.Bratha Lynch hung

35.Big K.R.I.T

36.The Dream


38.Bus driver


40.Black Rob



43.Kurtis Blow

44.Daddy Yankee



47.Ol DirtyBastard


49.French Montana

50.Fat Joe

51.MC Trouble

52.Lisa Lopes

53.Funk master Flex

54.Greydon Square

55.DJ Jazzy Jeff


57.Joey bad A

58.Juicy J

59.Lil Wyte

60.Kendrick Lamar


62.Gucci mane

63.Lupe Fiasco

64.Ray J


66.Lloyd Banks

67.Master P

68.Nicole Wray


70.Planet Asia

71.Jean Grae

72.Nick Cannon

73.Pusha T


75.San Quinn





80.Foxy Brown


82.MC Chris

83.Talib Kweli

84.Slick Rick

85.Styles P


87.Missy Ellot

88.Too short



91.Trick Daddy



94.Max B

95.Baby Bash




99.Will Smith



I never once said this was in order.

Update 2:

@NPC-This is not an all time list.Plus it would be an opinion.Which I would respect yours.

Update 3:

@NPC-This is not an all time list.Plus it would be an opinion.Which I would respect yours.

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  • Luke-E
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    7 years ago
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    2Pac is one of my all time favorites.

    Nas is one the best still going.

    Big L was one of the best lyricists but had his career cut way too short to see his full potential

    Rakim is the man most rappers need to thank today for their flow and rhyme schemes

    The Notorious B.I.G. is a bit like Big L in the sense he didn't have long enough in the game for his true potential to show.

    Dolla I'm not a fan of.

    Big Pun is very good but overrated IMO.

    Game has actually got better over time unlike most other rappers, he's doing better today than he was in the G-Unit days.

    Jay-Z is on Nas's level, but as to who makes better music today I'ma give it to Nas, Jay-Z has past his sell by date IMO.

    Andre 3000 is the man who made Outkast, is defiantly top 10 of all time.

    I just checked Tony J out and it's not my type of music.

    Yelawolf is Underrated as hell, one of Shady's best proteges.

    Method Man is good but as far as the Wu go not one of the best.

    Kanye West as an artist if you put his rapping and producing together is a contender for GOAT.

    Eazy-E, another good yet overrated rapper, had possibly the coolest voice in rap though.

    Jadakiss, this guy doesn't give it his all and I think if he really tried he could be up there with the dons of rap.

    LL Cool J, one of the godfathers of rap, the man is a legend.

    Adam Tensta is average.

    Jake Miller, again not my kind of rap.

    Eminem, another contender for GOAT but his fans make him out to be miles above all other rappers which is simply not true, there's a lot more rappers on his level than people think.

    50 Cent, people forget how good this guy was, though he was nowhere near GOAT level.

    Dr. Dre, another legend, not the greatest of rappers but his production skills make you forget that.

    Snoop Dogg was awesome until he finally fried his brain with the weed and went full on rasta.

    AZ is quite possibly one of the most underrated rappers ever, this guy deserved a career like Nas & Jay-Z but for some reason he never made it big.

    One of the best women in rap, she made the Fugees what it was.

    Redman, (puts on bulletproof vest before saying this.) OVERRATED.

    DJ Yella, bog standard DJ.

    Nate Dogg, another contender for best voice in hip-hop, actually scratch that, definitely the best voice in hip-hop.

    Trey Songz sucks balls.

    Lil Kim is what Nicki Minaj wishes she was, queen of gangsta rap.

    Krayzie Bone isn't the best in bone thugs, that would go to Bizzy but he's still an amazing MC, very underrated.

    Busta Rhymes is great, but I think he thinks he's more important than he is.

    Sammy Adams is a little too pop for my taste.

    Brotha Lynch Hung is good, but not amazing, his boy X-Raided though in my opinion is one of the best from the west, Sacramento in general deserve more respect than they get.

    Big K.R.I.T. is mediocre, same as most of the South.

    The Dream is another artist that smacks of mediocrity.

    Chamillionaire is one of the few good artists from the south, though he isn't amazing like Andre 3000 or Scarface.

    Busdriver is actually very good, shame more people don't know about him.

    Poetic was awesome, Gravediggaz where the best Wu side project too.

    Black Rob sucked, guys career went like Whoa!

    Common, I'm getting sick of saying this about good rappers who I actually like but still, overrated and no-one can deny it.

    Coolio will always be the guy who did Gangsta's Paradise, one hit wonder.

    Kurtis Blow, I know he was important in history and all but it's not really my thing.

    Daddy Yankee, don't like his stuff.

    B-Real is top 20, F what Y'all think.

    Eve is another great female rapper, doesn't get enough respect, where is she today though?

    ODB will always be a legend, I'm not the biggest fan of his solo stuff but he's easily one of the most memorable people in music!

    J. Cole, the most overrated guy on the list so far, he's mediocre at best.

    French Montana sucks big time, probably the worst rapper on your list so far.

    Fat Joe, is good but not great, still though I think people underestimate the guy's skill from just hearing his pop stuff.

    MC Trouble was nothing special.

    Lisa Lopes on the other hand was something special.

    Funkmaster Flex I can't stand for some reason.

    Greydon Square from what I've heard, which isn't much is quite good.

    F this I was at 93 and accidentally clicked off, RAAGEQUITS.

  • 7 years ago

    I like most of the old school rappers from this list my top 5 old school and new rappers would be (not in order)

    Old School:



    -Slick Rick

    -Talib Kweli



    -J. Cole

    -Kendrick Lamar

    -Joey Bada$$

    -Lupe Fiasco


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    83.Talib Kweli

    You put "Talib Kweli" on the list but not his equivalent counterpart "Mos Def"?

    And why is Kayne West so high up on the list? He's complete ****...

    There's so many rappers that shouldn't even be on this list.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I like Juicy J, T.I., Drake, Tyga, Trina, and Pusha T.

    Also, please check out my new mixtape I just released yesterday!!!


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