What is art/music therapy?

what exactly do art therapists and music therapists do? i dont understand this career

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    Music therapy aims to facilitate positive

    changes in behavior and emotional well-being

    and is essentially a social activity involving

    communication, listening and sharing.

    Everyone has the ability to respond to music

    and sound so a variety of approaches are used.

    Fundamental to all is the development of a

    therapeutic relationship between the client

    and the therapist. Each usually play an active

    role in each session with clients being

    encouraged to use a range of instruments

    including their own voice. This allows them to

    explore the world of sound and to create a

    musical language of their own.

    The therapist also aims to enhance the client's

    quality of life by developing an increase sense

    of peace and self awareness.

    Many people with no specific problem are now

    using music therapy to gain an insight to

    themselves. Music can also be a great


    Arts therapies are a way of using the arts – for

    example, music, art, dance or drama – in a

    therapeutic environment with a trained

    therapist. In arts therapy, your therapist helps

    you to express yourself by creating something

    – such as a piece of music, a painting or a play.

    This can help you express your feelings,often

    without using words.

    You do not need to have any special skill or

    previous experience of doing art,music,dance

    or drama to find an arts therapy helpful.The

    aim is not to produce a wonderful work of art,

    but to use your creations to understand

    yourself better.Your therapist will help you think about what

    you create and how it relates to your feelings

    and experiences.This can help you come to

    terms with any difficult feelings,events or

    memories that may be causing you problems.

    Many people find arts therapy can help them

    learn to deal with,and in some cases recover

    from,a mental health problem.

    After your session, you may discuss what you

    create with your therapist–for example,talking about the thoughts and feelings that

    came up during the session and how you are

    feeling now.Or you may not find this helpful,

    and find that creating the art, music,dance or

    drama is enough therapy on its own.

    Arts therapies are offered in a wide range of

    settings,including hospitals,residential care

    and day centres.They can be done in a group

    or one-to-one.In a group, you are likely to get

    to know the other people quickly,and may find

    out a lot about them.

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