Aren't some women a little selective about "Traditional Marriage"®?

If you believe that "tradition" is a valid argument against same-sex marriage:

Would you marry your brother? That used to be a tradition, too.

Would you let your parents choose your husband for you? That's a tradition.

Should your family be willing to pay a man to take you off their hands? There's another fine tradition.

How about the tradition where your husband's boss gets to have sex with you before he does? After all, it's tradition.

Or there's the one where the bloodied sheets are displayed outside your house after the wedding so all your neighbours can be assured you were a virgin on your wedding night? There's a tradition you don't see much these days

If your husband dies will you crawl into the crematorium in order to be with him in death? Thousands of years of tradition behind that one.

Or of course if you don't want to be quite THAT traditional, you could just follow the equally popular tradition where the husband's family takes all your properly, sells your house from under you and confines you to a convent for the rest of your life.

Or by "tradition" do you mean "the prejudices of my ancestors that I happen to agree with"?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I prefer to ride the swirls of Taiji like surfing waves in a pond—or given I like wind analogies, to follow the wind that fills my sails, as I am part of Existence.

    The resistance shown by the conservatives here is pretty silly from that point of view; even the strongest granite of the tallest mountain will eventually be eroded by wind and water. ☯

  • 7 years ago

    That's differnt cuz teh gay is icky!

  • 7 years ago

    Yo stop hating on them pure women. Why you gotta be so damn prejudiced just cause you don't get some.

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