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Rabbit experts please! elderly bunny needs procedure?

My dwarf mix bunny is around 8 years of age. He needs a dental procedure done and I don't know if he will make it through? The cost in total is $1,500 after all exams and procedure. What do I do? Is he to old? Or will he be okay if his blood work comes back good? Does anyone have experience going through this with an older bunny? I need guidance please.


Here goes (Treatment Plan) from the vet

Iso Mask Induction with Tranquilizer Med - $101.00

Isoflurane/10Min Inc Monitor'g - $164.40

Fluids Intraop.Inravenous - $83.50

Teeth - Molar Equilibration */10Min - $189.00

Surgical Pack - Dental Exotic - $69.20

Pain Management Injection - $27.10

Small Mammal Skull Dental Rads - 5 View - $180 (optional)

Hospitalization & Ward Care per Day - $74.30

Medication - Take Home - $70.00

Wellness 2 IDX (Blood test) - $128.00

Blood Collection/Handling - $31.90

tax -145.39

total = 1,263.79

PLUS $300 I spent today at the vets getting an exam and pain meds

Update 2:

I wish I lived in your area! But I've been quoted around this much for my cats as well. I live in Ontario, Canada and it seems like this price is the norm. The only vet school is in Guelph, Ontario which is quite the drive from here.

Update 3:

This quote is coming an hour outside of Toronto, I believe if I go any closer to the city, I will be paying more

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    What sort of dental procedure does he need? Are they gold-plating his teeth??? I'm wondering because the most I've ever paid for dental work on a rabbit, including blood work, drugs, and office visit, was just under $400, and that was for some pretty major work, including extracting some molars to fix the problem permanently... Most dental work doesn't take much time, so they aren't out long, and it's fairly safe, even for a senior, if they are otherwise healthy and the vet is experienced with rabbits. However, I don't know that I would invest $1,500 in dental work for a senior.

    Add: Wow, that's pricy for a ten-minute procedure! And for the exam! My exotics vet charges $50 for an exam, and I've never seen pain meds for a rabbit more than about $40 for a month's worth. "Molar equilibration" I'm assuming means they are grinding down his molars to remove hooks, spurs, and points? Just had that done on a rabbit about six months ago. The charge, including basic blood work, x-rays, and inclusive of follow-up appointments was $257. I'm in a fairly low-cost area, but still... That quote is pretty ridiculous. Is there another competent vet who treats exotics in your area, or do you live within driving distance of a vet school? I'd be getting another quote. Even if you had to drive a couple hours, it might be worth the cost savings.

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