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What is United Nation's job?

Can anyone please describe the work of the UN for me?

Please use simple words so i can understand. (Im learning the english language)

Thank you

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    I'm no expert but..

    I think it was created after WWI as a kinda forum where leaders of all countries can talk and vote on issues affecting their countries and the world. The idea was that this would stop wars because issues could solved through diplomacy. The UN has rules, e.g, in certain circumstances the security council (the most powerful nations) can approve the invasion of another country for humanitarian purposes. There's probably a lot more the UN does but Idk

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    I agree with YB Logical and Javan (but the UN was formed after WWII, it was the League of Nations formed by Wilson after WWI), but the USA wants the UN to act towards interests of the USA and other Western Powers for the New World Order type of Government. That's not happening at the moment.

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    Although, considered by many US Citizens to now be a useless, lecherous organization, The United Nations is an entity in possession of a long term plan for a One World Government. This plan has been endorsed and acted upon by both arms (Democratic and Republican) of America's Political Party for decades.

    The ultimate goal is a New World Order and the course has been predetermined by policies already in place and by planned legislation yet to be.

    Perhaps there are many among us holding desires to cling to a National Sovereignty, but the mechanisms already in place are designed to alter such desires. Those who are willing to seek information beyond the diversions of TV talking heads will recognize the significance of all which goes unmentioned. They will comprehend the importance of adjusting thought to acceptance of the inevitable and prepare for that which is too late to change. They will understand the meanings behind the whispers.

    Todays political and economic climate have been created with purpose. An understanding of that purpose will prove of great importance in self preparation for a future which is already in place to come.

    The United Nations is not without an almost silent importance.

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    Extort as much money from the US as possible. They occasionally attend to missions of mercy in disaster relief if there's any publicity in it. They replace the USA emblem (where they get all their supplies) with their own and have the US deliver it and then they "run the bases" getting all the applause.

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    It's supposed to prevent wars and other human rights violations, not that it's done a good job of that in recent years.

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    Preventing world wars.

    Which it has succeeded at for 65 years.

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    UN seems to be corrupt

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