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Questions about Dual Booting Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows Vista.?

I have a 32GB Sandisk ReadyCache SSD and a 500GB WD Black HDD. I want to dual boot Vista and Ubuntu 12.04 on the SSD which I'm sure will not be any issue. My main question comes down to the HDD for storage. I plan to divide the HDD evenly for both OS as I use them both fairly often. A separate partition will be required for each OS, yes? Would it be wise to set the Vista storage for NTFS and the Ubuntu storage for Fat32 or exFAT? Thanks in advance.


I suppose some explanation is required on my part as to why I'm using these OS's. Vista is simply because my laptop came with it and seems to have driver issues with Windows 7. I hate Windows 8 so it's out of the question lol. Ubuntu 12.04 is the one I've had the best luck with. My machine seems to be picky with distro's. I've ran in to a few problems with different distro's not recognizing my keyboard or track pad. Installing drivers and making sure everything is up to date yielded no results. 12.04 seems to run without any issues. It even works with all of my keyboard short cuts and my touch sensitive media keys. If it's of any benefit to know my computer model I am using a HP Pavilion DV6500.

Thank you Carling for the comment but it's not really related to my question. Hopefully now that I've explained my reasoning for using these OS's someone can simply answer my question. :)

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    I have been using Linux for the past 10 yrs, Personally I would not give any of them disk space, Why you want to install Vista a 13yr old out of date unsupported operating system at all is a mystery. Your choice of Ubuntu 12.04 is another 18 month out of date operating system. As for the latest Ubuntu 13.10 release, I would never recommend it to anyone, It does not work out of the box, never has never will. There are lessor known Linux distribution that faster and far superior.

    You can take a look at the latest November 23rd releases here. Keep this web address handy for next months releases,


    I download and try out every new release. If you would like to know my view of the best of the bunch you can message me

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