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The current WWE storylines are building title pressure. What do you think?

The world titles are going to be unify, this means a Cena vs Orton feud.

Roman Reigns has begun his big push, this means he's in line for the title.

WWE still needs to right the wrong of Daniel Bryan getting screwed over and over again.

CM Punk is definitely heading back to the title scene in no time.

ADR will always be in the title picture.

Sheamus will return with a solid goal to regain the title.

Brock Lesnar has been talked about having a brief title run.

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    Well, they could have the first ever 8 Man Armageddon Hell in a Cell match for both titles

    Cena (WHC) vs Orton (WWE) vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs ADR vs Sheamus vs Brock Lesnar at WM, but we all know that will never happen

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