Is this a good job or just a bunch of BS?

I come from a background of fire/smoke/water damage restoration. I have every legitimate certification in these crafts except one, the 5 day/$1500 class that is only offered 6-7 times per year, the nearest place is 200 miles away and only offered once per year there, so not only was it expensive, it required me to miss a week's worth of work as well. I have worked in this trade since February 2011 when I started taking classes.

The problem is I have been self employed. I operate this business on a shoestring budget, about $10,000 worth of equipment. If your insurance doesn't cover the damage, or it is below your deductible, you probably will find me or repair it yourself. I don't get insurance referrals. I have only about 1/3 the equipment of a "small" restoration company. I'd call myself a "micro" restoration company. It is not working out. I had a windfall after Irene/Lee hit in 2011 and grossed about $50,000 in sales in 5 weeks. That turned out to be small. After Sandy, I made about $90,000 in sales in about 6 weeks. I even hired a helper through a temp agency.

When you don't have a natural disaster like these, you deal with overflowing toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, water heater leaks, small fire damage, a frozen pipe or two in the winter. Take out the disasters, my 2011 sales were about $10,000 and my 2012 sales were about $12,000. 2013 had no disasters, and sales have might hit $10,000 for 2013. Maybe not.

What it is I don't get the insurance work. The franchises do. They pre-negotiate rates with insurance companies and after the adjuster looks at the damage, they call a franchise, not me. It is time to throw in the towel.

A small franchise has a 7am-3pm guy and a 11am-7pm guy. They cover 7am-7pm on alternating weekends. They get about $12.50 per hour for their 40 hour work week. They get $1 per hour for their standby time and OT for off hours work. The third guy is the 7pm-7am guy, 7 days a week. You get paid $84 a week for being on standby. Any work you get is not guaranteed. Maybe you get 20-30 hours, maybe you get nothing. The other two guys are guaranteed 40 hours per week.

This company does not care if I keep my equipment or not. They want to only hire me for this standby position. Maybe even as a sub-contractor using my equipment. Screws me up but might be something. Would you take a chance with them or hold out for a better offer?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would not settle for only stand by, They are only protecting themselves and are not interested

    in whether you would ever make a living.

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  • 7 years ago

    show me the results of your market research and

    your biz plan, then I can answer further.

    I am not sure there is an UNMET Need for what you want to do.

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