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How would you describe people from New Zealand?

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    I'm from New Zealand. I'm New Zealand European and lived here my whole life and from many cultures you would expect different behaviors. But overall most New Zealanders are laid back, random and have their own sort of language. From what I know from meeting Maori folk (Maori's are native to New Zealand), they joke to joke around, always have a happy vibe, and have a personality that is hard to explain, but in a good way. From what I've heard also, at least 50% of the population is Asian but I haven't taken too much notice of it. Anyone in New Zealand is a New Zealander and that's how I see it.

    The other name for a New Zealander is a Kiwi (An Endangered flightless bird important to the country and it's past history)

    But New Zealanders can be very much like anyone in the world but closer to Australians. A lot of people picture New Zealand as natives still living in huts and camps but it's more like busy cities. You still get the amazing scenery. It's a bit like when I visited Vanuatu. I didn't expect Port Vila to be a massive city!

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    Drunken, drug affected p.issheads who are prepared to fight you at the drop of a hat.

    If they aren't, Police 10/7 has a lot to answer for.

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    I don't think I've ever met any.

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