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Anime like sword art online and fairy tail.?

Both are amazing. But in wondering if there is any other anime that are like these two. Main thing I'm looking for is the mmo/ RPGs.

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    Check out Log Horizon if you are into MMO anime, it just came out this season, 8 eps so far.

    Some older ones are the ,hack ones and The Tower of DRUAGA (season 1) The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk (season 2)

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    Btoom! supposedly has a very similar plot. I didn't watch that one though, not a big fan of guns.

    Accel World has the RPG element, although they're not in the game all the time, the whole plot revolves around it. They both have a similar feel of the underdog being great at the game, cute girl etc. They also use a successor of the "net-gear" in SAO, so these two are kinda linked.

    The "Greed Island" OVA/arc of Hunter X Hunter is also pretty amazing. I haven't seen the 2011 reboot of that anime, but greed island should start around episode ~55 and it looks fantastic :)

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    Hataraku Maō-sama is really good, but only the first season is out right now. It's by the same people who did SAO, so the art and humor are similar.

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