Pen pal Christmas Gift ideas?

Hi so I am trying to think of a Christmas gift for my pen pal and I can't come up with any ideas.

She lives in Korea and I live in Canada and we are really close friends.

I am thinking candies and socks but I also want to make something for her! She likes movies and books and cute stuff.

Any ideas of something I can make (or buy)? You know without breaking the bank?


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    First of all check this list of restrictions: . So you know what they won't allow. (I'm guessing this is South Korea, since North probably wouldn't even allow penpals).

    As for movies, North America has different DVD encoding than most of the rest of the world, so that's probably out, and you'd have to be careful about a book since it may be restricted. I'm not sure if "textile fabrics" is raw material or if that would prohibit something like a scarf or gloves.

    So, that kind of limits things. Is there anything unique and local to your area that you can send? Like something from a local artist or craftsman. Maybe even food unique to your area. For instance, where I live there is really good Amish-made maple syrup. Maybe something like that.

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  • 6 years ago

    A movie, a book, a DVD (portable) Player

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