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If you support the Hobby Lobby lawsuit, what would be your opinion if the following happened?

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The CEO/President/Owner of the company you work for decides to convert to (or, already is) a Jehovah's Witness.

He decides that the Health Insurance the company provides will no longer pay for Blood Transfusions.


The CEO/President/Owner of the company you work for decides to convert to (or, already is) a Christian Scientist.

He decides that the company's new Health Insurance plan will consist of "prayer, only".

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    I say once Hobby Lobby, and not the family owners actually shows up to church, then Hobby Lobby can articulate its own personal religious views.

    And members of LDS pretty much hire and promote other members first. There's towns in Arizona where if you are not LDS, you have extremely limited employment options.

  • andy
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    7 years ago

    Nice liberal talking points that DemocracyNOW has been using. You do realize that the lawsuits are specifically for contraception and the like. It will be very easy for the Supreme Court to limit the issue to the original lawsuits brought which is all about contraception.

    The points that you are bringing up have nothing to do with the current lawsuits in front of the Supreme Court and is not up for debate.

    Too bad the liberals can't understand this simple logic.

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    Here is what you are ignoring. People once had choices of what their insurance covered and it wasn't just covered so everyone had the same coverage in their policies. O'Care changes the relationship between the government and the citizens whether they are business owners or not. Not only were they not mandated to carry insurance, if they decided to carry it, they could get a policy that suited their own needs. That makes your point null and void.

  • L2
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    7 years ago

    At the least you take a hit because of religion, and, that's azzzz out for you and everybody else involved.

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  • 7 years ago

    I wouldn't like it one bit.

    It's as if they're forcing their will on their women employees when it comes down to contraceptives.

  • Joe
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    7 years ago

    One thing for sure he will defend his right that are guaranteed to him by Our Constitution . some thing you have no idea about you kiss the queens ***

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