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How does Michael Timothy sound?

I love the name Michael.I would like to use it.The only problem Timothy has to stay as the middle name.Timothy is after my brother.

I am not looking for comments saying Michael is to common.We do not care about that.We just want to know how it sounds.

Please do not switch these names in any way.

BQ:Eric Jason or Andrew Jason?

BQ2:Kai Jason or Kyle Jason?

BQ3:Zachary Timothy or Zachary Jason?


@Rebecca-Miles was after a friend of ours who passed away.We are still considering it.But looking for other ideas too.Also Jason along with Timothy has to be in the middle spot.Thank you for your suggestion though.

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    Michael Timothy is fine, but it is a little bit boring. I know you said not to base it off of popularity, but personally I think that since i hear those names all the time, they just aren't special or interesting in any way anymore. However, that's how I feel. If you and your fiance love the name, then ignore me. It's a solid, masculine name with meaning to you, and it will age well. So that's great. :) Miles Timothy was perfect in my opinion -- classic, but not overused, and flowed so well with Timothy -- how come that one got thrown out?

    BQ -- Andrew Jason is better -- I like the name Andrew more than Eric, plus, the flow is better with Andrew for some reason. but I think Jason would be best with a name that doesn't have 2 syllables. Plus Andrew Jason kind of reminds me of Andrew Jackson the president (and I'm Canadian!).

    BQ2: Kyle Jason, because Kai is really nicknamey in my opinion and isn't suitable as a full name. However, I don't think Kyle Jason flows well because again, both names are 2 syllables and there's no real cohesion between the two names.

    BQ3: Zachary Jason -- Zachary Timothy has too many Ys, and since both names are 3 syllables and both end in Y, the combo sounds kind of singsongy and feminine, even though those are two VERY masculine names. it's weird. Zachary Jason sounds good, but Jason Zachary would flow better in my opinion.

    Hope this helped and good luck!

  • 7 years ago

    I love Michael Timothy! My dad's name is Timothy John...

    BQ: Andrew Jason

    BQ2: Kyle Jason

    BQ3: Zachary Jason

  • 7 years ago

    I like it a lot. 10/10

    BQ: Andrew Jason

    BQ2: Kyle Jason

    BQ3: Zachary Jason

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Michael Timothy sound so good

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