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Question for Muslims? Do you want to educate people...?

about your beliefs? I submitted a question about if someone had ever done a good deed that had really helped you out. Hardly anyone came to it. But when trolls submit questions, they get many replies and people come to them and argue.

I just submitted this question and asked about why that was because I am studying your religion and someone called me presumptuous and someone else reported the question. Do you want people to learn about your religion? Reporting happens more in this section than in R & S. I can see when you do it to those who are actually rude. But why do you get offended by people wanting to learn about you? People who ask good questions to test out your religion? This question will probably get reported too.


I know that all Muslims are not like this. Some are just oversensitive.

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    You posted that good deed question twice? I answered the first time, didnt bother answering again. Il be happy to educate anyone about my religion of their interested.

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    Coming from a Muslim from the USA , People who are questioned about their religion , sometimes get offended, even if it is just answering a question. It is just ignorance really , and sorry that people treated you that way , or did not answer your question about Muslims or Islam in general. Yes Muslims do want people to learn about Islam , but several people don't know how to approach this. Even if someone insults or is rude about Islam or Muslims , shouldn't respond in a negative manner. Most questions about Islam are deleted , because they can get VERY controversial which is sad. If you have any Muslim friends or people you know who are Muslim ask them directly , online , I don't know what it is , but people get offended for no reason at all. Have a nice day :)

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    I am sorry if someone reported your question. Some of the rude trolls here like Quintess, Ben, Ayatrolla and Proud Kaffir may delete your question because they dont want you to learn about islam.

    Yes I would like everyone to be educated in islam and every religion so they would understand and not be so rude.

    I am sorry ur answers get reported, even mine does too even though I never ask anything rude, racist etc.

    @Ben Frank that is really stupid! Islam countries do help out! in countries where disaster happens. But it wont be reported by the media.

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    Well yeah, but most would need to educate themselves on Islam first

    Many aren't even properly acquainted with what the Koran actually says

    (it's in classical Arabic, while more than 80% don't know Arabic, let

    alone classical Arabic)

    Furthermore the denial, twisting & outright lying about Islamic tenets

    compounds the issue

    Been dealing with these issues for quite a while now


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  • 7 years ago

    Becuase troll questions are ussually weird and most people choose a question by "It's title".

    I know am tired of asking questions that I really need help about and hardly anyone answers (in other sections) :(

    Ughhhhhh it's anoying!

  • mind
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    No, it won't. Maybe, there is a person who may report your questions. I am not sure though. There are very strange people here. So, do not assume all are Muslims or all are "sane" muslims.

    And what is your question?

    Good deeds?

    I believe I did hundreds of them, but I cannot count them by one one here. And Allah knows what I did, I do not seel pleasure of humans for what I did. So, needless to mention.

    You are welcome to study our religion and ask questions. I dont understand why people report your questions when you are quite respectful. This makes me suspicious.

    @ Ben Frank,

    last month, all mosques in Turkey raised money for Philippines.

    And guess what; Muslims countries are not that rich. Thankfully, the countries you named have "helped" Muslim countries for the last centuries by exploiting their lands.

  • 7 years ago

    "But when trolls submit questions, they get many replies and people come to them and argue."

    You have a reply now.

    Single letter, single punctuation marks, single number names are often troll posters.

    You might also want to ask this question too:

    "When disasters happen in the world why is it that Islamic countries rarely ever respond with emergency supplies, food, disaster aid. Unless it is "convenient" to them. But US, UK, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, etc. respond quickly.

  • 7 years ago

    You are welcome. I did not answer your question because I do not

    remember any non Muslim doing a favor to me. I do not hate them, but

    obviously I love Islam and Muslims.

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