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Which do you like best out of these?

This or that(Short)Timothy and Jason have to be middle names please do not combine them.

Please do not skip any.Nicely put comments are welcome.Comments will be taken into account.So please do all and put if you like it or not.

1.Paul Timothy or Paul Jason

2.River Timothy or River Jason

3.William Timothy or William Jason

4.James Timothy or James Jason

5.Justin Timothy or Justin Jason

6.Shane Timothy or Shane Jason

7.Alexander Timothy or Alexander Jason

8.Andrew Timothy or Andrew Jason

9.Thomas Timothy or Thomas Jason

10.Avery Timothy or Avery Jason

BQ:ONE favorite over all?

Timothy and Jason are after our brothers.

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    1. Paul Timothy - Sounds better

    2. River Jason - I feel like they go together. Except I don't like River as a name.

    3. William Jason - I love the name William and Jason making them go together.

    4. James Timothy - James Jason sounds weird kind of because they both start with the same letter. James Timothy sounds better.

    5. Justin Timothy - Same reason as the #4.

    6. Shane Timothy - Shane Jason sounds bad because both names are really in right now, but Timothy isn't and Shane is so it balances it out.

    7. Alexandar Jason - Timothy just doesn't work.

    8. Andrew Jason - Same reason as #1.

    9. Thomas Timothy - I know I said in #4 that because they both started with the same letter it sounded bad, but in this name it goes better for some reason.

    10. Avery Jason - Same reason as #1.

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    7 years ago

    1.Paul Timothy

    2.River Jason

    3.William Timothy

    4.James Timothy

    5.Justin Timothy

    6. Shane Jason

    7. Alexander Jason

    8.Andrew Timothy

    9. Thomas Jason

    10.Avery Timothy

    BQ: Thomas Jason

  • Holly
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    7 years ago

    1. Paul Jason

    2. River Jason

    3. William Jason

    4. James Timothy

    5. Justin Timothy

    6. Shane Timothy

    7. Alexander Jason

    8. Andrew Timothy

    9. Thomas Jason

    10. Avery Jason

    BQ: Alexander Jason; then James Timothy.

    Have a blessed holiday season!

    -Holly xx

  • Cole
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    7 years ago

    Paul Timothy

    River Jason

    William Jason

    James Timothy

    Justin Timothy

    Shane Jason

    Alexander Jason

    Thomas Jason

    Avery Timothy

    BQ: James Timothy

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  • 7 years ago

    Paul Timothy

    River Timothy (I'm not a big fan of the name River but I see it more as a girl's name)

    William Timothy

    James Timothy (James Jason is too many J's)

    Justin Timothy

    Shane Timothy

    Alexander Timothy

    Andrew Jason

    Thomas Jason

    Avery Timothy (I really do see Avery as a female name)

    BQ:Andrew Jason

  • 7 years ago

    Neither of them

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