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The movie Les Miserables?

For my university religion course in high school, I need to fully understand (which I'm having trouble) and connect the movie with the course (Roman Catholic religion) through the moral of the movie and what it is about. If anyone can give me a brief description of the movie and the religious aspect of it that'll be great!


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    It's been a while since I saw Les Miserables but I think it was about forgiveness and redemption. The main character was put to jail for something ridiculous (but which I don't remember) and he later got out on parole. He goes to a church and stole chandelier or spoons or something and was later caught. However, the priest was trying to teach him about God's forgiving love and said that he actually gave the stuff to him. It was then that he changed and vowed to become a better person. He decided to start anew and through his actions, prove that with love a person could change. Like years later he became this mayor who helped the poor. A woman who worked for him became a prostitute to pay for the upbringing of her child. She later dies and when he found out that he was one of the reason for her prostitution, he found the child and took her in as his own. While all this is going on the guard recognizes him. Believing that a person can't change he goes after the main character. And so on and so forth. In the end the guard found out he was too steadfast in his morals (wrong in other word) and had to let our main character go. I think this is getting too long but hopefully it helped somewhat. Good luck!

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