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After Obama finished destroying our economy and ruining the USA, will we look like this?





The Liberal, OK if you prefer a text description:

It is a bunch of starving half naked people from the famine in North KIorea in the 1990's.

Because this is what socialism always causes.

And left wingers want us to go down the path of the shades of gray of liberalism/socialism/communism/fascism without a whimper, until we all end up looking like them.

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    Most likely, the US will keep getting more and more divided between a few rich and a majority poor. Look at Haiti or the Philippines for examples. A few elite plutocrats, like "W" Bush or Mitt Romney, a few more servants of the plutocrats, like the Obamas or McCains. The great majority will be extremely poor, and desperate for money, health-care, etc. The plutocrats and their servants will have a lot of fun using and abusing the majority, scr&wing the women, etc. (Think of sex tourism to Phils or Carribean countries.) How stable will the system be? When people angry enough at being scr(wed, blued and tatooed, they revolt, kill their tormentors. But how likely is that in the US? When and under what circumstances? Ordinary Americans are actually pretty passive, in spite of a lot of rhetoric about freedom, guns guaranteeing freedom, etc.

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    Socialism? No offence, but don't you own (or know how to use) a dictionary, child?

    Under socialism, there's no government because the entire public directly owns & controls all means of production, distribution and exchange.

    Nobody anywhere is actually socialist regardless of poorly-educated Americans hellbent on shaming themselves and their nation delusionally keep insisting.

    So smarten up and quit being one of them.

    Clearly, you're starved for education. So run along and get some.

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    So how "REAL" are you being, asking this question on YA Canada? Something tells me that you didn't take a single one of those photos. Let your hate go, and stop trying to use other people's work to try to prove your point.

    Why do you assume that the rest of us Yahoos are idiots? If you think we're stupid, you can always log off - permanently.

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    Since the Stock Market is at all time highs under President Obama, the debt has been substantially reduced, and the wars he inherited wound down, I am not sure where the economy is being "ruined."

    Rather than an unsubstantiated claim, do you have sources for your claim?

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    America will default its just a matter of time and that will be the end.

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    I don't think we all going to turn into North Koreans. But it could get really bad.

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    Troll for peace

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    Your fantasy is ignoring the true state of our country.

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    Many won't believe it until it's too late

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