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A few Qs about Death Note?

1. To be straight to the point, I don't in any way understand why L kept Light beside his company. He already knows more than anyone that he certainly could be Kira more than anyone else can so why did he not keep him away from his investigation and kept an eye on him from a distance?.

2. Was the task force really necessary, I find that they were more an obstacle and were too emotionally charged regarding this Kira case. I mean none of them had a firm grounding on how they judged his actions and yet their goal was to capture him and they weren't doing a very good job at it.

3. I also am aware that the authors of this anime have stated more than once that L was more devious than he appears to be and habitually tells lies in order to lure his suspects into confession of gain a piece of evidence to frame them with. However, I still question whether he was entirely genuine when he expressed that he considers Light as 'his friend'. I mean considering his personality he doesn't really seem interested in making friendships with people but in spite of that it's hard to deny that it looks like he willingly handed himself to being defeated by Light. He knew that Light was going to kill him but he didn't really take any action or try stop him from killing him.


Then there's Near, I just don't understand what the wisdom was behind him being depicted as so immensely stoic and emotionally detached or even disable. He simply cannot and will not be provoked and he does not posses any of the qualities that L has. Any analysis of Near would be really appreciated.

Do you feel that there was more room for potential within the anime and that it's fallen a little short of it's capacity?.

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    1. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Light is clever, and L knows this. If L kept watching Light from a distance, it would have been much harder to detect an inconsistency in Light's story. Sometimes the best method of approach is to observe the suspect personally, and that's what L did. Based on Kira's previous actions, L suspected that he couldn't kill without at least a name and a face. So long as he didn't give Light his full name, he figured he would be more-or-less safe (of course, it was impossible to factor in something like Shinigami eyes at the time). It was a risk, yes, but one that he took to further the investigation.

    2. The Task Force's members were human, after all. Sometimes things can get emotionally tense within a group if their actions produce no results. After all, L's prime suspect was the Chief Officer's son! Light knew this and used it to his advantage. He had to dance carefully around L's watching eyes, but once that was no longer an obstacle, he pretty much could manipulate the other Task Force members to his liking.

    3. I don't think it was so much that L conceded defeat, it was more like he was working with a highly improbable situation that was too fantastical for even him to handle. For the most part, his detective work has been grounded in science and deduction. Now he takes a case where criminals magically die due to heart attacks. With his previous experience, "supernatural notebook" doesn't exactly come across as the the most obvious method of killing. It was just a matter of getting handed too many uncertain variables to work with, along with facing against someone as brilliant as he was.

    As for L calling Light his "friend", I don't think he meant that in the true meaning of the word. It was more like, as he and Light were working on the case together, he found Light to be the person he could relate to the most. Most likely, very few people have ever matched L's intellect before, and now here Light was, offering insight as good as he himself could make. Even if Light really was Kira, L thought that a mind like Light's was something he could appreciate (even if he was using it for the wrong purposes).

    As for knowing Light was going to kill him, that wasn't completely true. He strongly suspected of Light being Kira, but he did not know for certain. If he was right, then yes, Light would be trying to kill him - L just had to stay one step away in order to avoid that. As I said, yes, it was a risk L took, but it was a risk necessary to make some progress on the investigation. L loves solving cases more than anything else. It's just that Light managed to take the advantage since he was more intricately well-versed with the rules of the Death Note, Shinigami, and supernatural details that was impossible for L to know. When Light finally got him, moments before his death, L looked at Light to either confirm or deny his final theory - when he saw Light grinning, he knew that he'd been outplayed, but at least he had the satisfaction of knowing that he was right.

    4. In getting involved with the Kira case, L found Light to be relatable, and that may have ever so slightly pushed him in the wrong direction. He let his emotions, however slight they may be, get involved. Near had no such attachment. He treated the case like a game, assuming nothing even as he looked over the case details and L's suspicions, though he made sure to verify or reject these theories himself. He isn't completely without emotion though - whenever he gets things correct, e.g. by driving Light into a corner in their conversation, he's seen smirking. When members of the SPK are killed, he's upset (though this was more emphasized in the manga than in the anime). Regardless, by keeping a cool head to the case, his deductive skills are unbiased, and he can make more accurate deductions.

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